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  • Sparkplug

    Yes I did. I will next month be the proud owner of a bachelor’s degree! So now the question is, do I stay in for a master’s or start paying back the loan. I really hate to think a main reason for higher education was to avoid a monthly payment. I do have a bit more of class to actually get the diploma.


    Serious though, my graduation is July 16th and for the ceremony I get to have 15 tickets. I have 7 that I know need a ticket, but I highly doubt I will end up with 15 people.

    Now right after my roommate is throwing me a party! So who all is coming? Some will already be coming for the fest....

    Just a thought.

  • Balsam


    Congradulations on graduating. Tough decisions. If a 4 year degree increases your earning power by 50% how much does a masters degree increase your earning power? I think if it was me that is what I would be figuring out.


  • parakeet

    Congratulations, Sparkplug. The deciding factor about going on for a master's should be the requirements of the field of employment you'll be entering. For example, in business, it's usually worth going on for an MBA, but in some of the liberal arts, unless you're planning on teaching in higher ed, a bachelor's degree is often sufficient.

  • Sparkplug

    That is what I am mulling over in my mind. I really am a bit twisted on this one. I have been searching the intranet at work and looking at the various positions. I have been waiting until I got my degree to go for it. Now it seems there is not much incentive.

    Now with a master’s, there are some great paying jobs I have seen, that I could do. Unfortunately, there are cutbacks and 23 people have 90 days to find another position in the company. We are union, I am a wee bit afraid to leave the umbrella of the union. Lately though the way the company is going at it, I am not sure that I will be safe for long.

  • Sparkplug

    Oh and too the Dean of the college has suggested I put in for a position at the college.

    It is 5000 less than I make in a year, but I do need to know about the benefits. If free college is one of them.. Then I am in.

    She said something about how in 9 or 10 months most of the 'office' workers earn double the pay. I need to find out what this demands. Plus, I don't want to put my family in a bind.

    I really think 5000 would be worth the peace of mind though. It is really scary when you have been with a company for nearly 10 years now. I just feel instead of getting better...I am getting worse at my position. It is the things I am assigned to do really. They ask the close to impossible of me and think since I smile and multitask that I can handle it. The scary thing is that I am finding it harder and harder to stay interested and do this with a smile. I literally told them that I do not have a F***ing clue and have done no work for 6 months...

    My boss.....just hands me another project to set on top of the four projects I have that I don't know how to do. I like to be busy and goal oriented..and spinning out of control for a year is not good for my nerves.

  • daystar

    Congrats babe!

  • Sparkplug

    Thank you dude!

  • wednesday

    Congrats on the BA I know how you must feel, all those years of being told college was evil.

    For the work world it depends on what yo got your degree in. A lot of things require a masters for you to be able to teach, counsel or whatever. But a lot don't.


  • candidlynuts

    congrats on the BA!

    i oughta go to school.......do they let birdbrains in? LOL

    i have no advice on the job/ more school stuff.its over my head!

  • LittleToe

    Well done - first things first, enjoy the moment, after all that hard work

    I'm facing the same dilemma. I finish my BSc and a concurrent Post-Graduate Diploma in Management, when I submit my project and sit my final exams in October. I can continue on for 18 - 30 months for the MBA, depending on whether or not I have the energy left to fast-track, or longer still if I wish to additionally study another Degree in Psychology.

    I'm sick of studying while working fulltime. I've had to cut my social life right back. I'm in the prime of life, but well past the age when learning comes easy, and spending most of my spare time reading and writing reports! At least time flies! The only things that are keeping me going are the fact that once I've got the qualifications they can't be taken from me in the same way a job can be taken away; that they should increase my earning potential; and that they should help me clamber up the ranks of my chosen career.

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