Jesus: the mediator of the anointed (only)?

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  • evergreen

    Did anyone realise that this was the case when they became a witness or just realise through time that this is the societies teaching on it?

    Each year i get annoyed at the memorial when the Speaker giving the talk always refers to this point and then says how the other sheep (the great crowd) "can benefit from this arrangement".

  • james_woods

    In the 1980s blowup at Bethel (the Ray Franz and Ed Dunlap and others scandal) this was one of the most fundamental of the core issues.

    In talking with Ed, I believe that this was the one thing which offended him the most. To him, the draft card, the 1975, the Malawi, etc. were just kind of corrupt acts of some hypocritical old men.

    This teaching, however, rose to the level of actual blasphemy. It was in his eyes an encouragement of the separation of most JWs from Christ. And, the elevation of the annointed (really, of the Governing Body) to a christ-like intermediary state themselves.

    Note, however, that I am just stating what Marion and Ed told me way back then - so this was their view. I was just a young guy listening in at the time.


  • Quandry

    I honestly did not realize until AFTER I saw information on forbidden websites that this was so. How in the world I could have missed this is beyond me-it must be because the information I was reading in the W.T. magazines was so hard to wrap my mind around anyway. I remember when the change came out about the generations. I knew I could not understand the "NEW LIGHT" so just supposed I should not worry about it, just accept it. But when I found out that Jesus was not really my mediator, I really balked at that. Yes, I want to be humble, but he insisted that he was the way, the truth, and the life and NO ONE could come to the father except through him. There is one mediator between God and man, etc. I will not pray through the governing body.

  • AuldSoul

    I didn't know until shortly after finding out about the UN Department of Public Information fiasco. I was baptized for 20 years.


  • bennyk

    I never agreed with the Society on that doctrine. Not even when I was a member of the "Other Sheep". It simply was not reasonable (or Scriptural). But it is surprising how many JW's were/are unaware of that teaching...

  • Bumble Bee
    Bumble Bee

    Whew! I feel better now knowing I wasn't the only one that didn't realize this!! (Raised JW)


  • heathen

    I knew that the FDS claimed to be Gods channel of communication but not that they wanted to play mediator with the great crowd . I would never buy that for a minute , jesus is the only mediator of the new covenant just like moses was the only mediator of the hebrew covenant , the apostles never said they mediated anything just that they were being directed by holy spirit to preach about christ and his kingdom . I agree jesus said nobody gets to the father except through me . Jesus is the only reason that christians can worship God without all the blood sacrifices of the mosaic law since he was the perpetual sacrifice for sin . I was shocked when I realized the WTBTS views the great crowd as no more than foreign proselytes that cannot even discern the scriptures for themselves.


    The thing is that they can not prove it in scripture. They claim that the New Testament (Greek Scriptures) was written for the annointed only but where does it actually say that? It doesnt in the bible and they are just covering up the fact that all are in union with Christ. If you are still a Christian it is blasphemy.

  • AnnOMaly

    There are 2 elders in our congo that say Jesus is our mediator. Part of me wants to point out the official line to them. I'm sure they don't realize or have forgotten. Part of me wants to let them continue teaching what the Bible unequivocally says.

  • eyeslice

    Your comment is typical of many elders and rank and file. Often, they simply have never understood the finer points of WTB&TS doctrine. Pity they are still so dogmatic about their faith.

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