What will you miss?

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  • Good Girl or Bad Girl?
    Good Girl or Bad Girl?
    Will we um.... poo in the new system? 'cause I love a coffee in the morning and Archie comics enjoyed on the porcelain throne.


    So Fleshybirdfodder, you would miss pooping?!!? Well I'm sure there won't be Archie comics in the paradise anyway...or a porcelain throne, especially if toilet paper is going to be gone! This thread reminded me of what I gave up by walking away from the Witnesses: I could have pet a tiger in the new system!!!

  • luna2

    I would have missed normal people. I mean, how long would you be able to stand all those "perfect" dubs anyway?

  • under_believer


  • Warlock

    I will miss all the "self-righteous ones" that thought they were going to be WITH US in "Paradise".


  • MsShockJock

    A good cafe latte with raw sugar.

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    What would I miss?

    Just about everything. The WTS has banned so many thing. JWs have no idea how difficult life will be after everything is trashed. They think they can walk into beautiful homes with all the luxuries we have today. Electricity, plumbing, all those wonderfulappliances we have today.

    According to WT depictions of the end there won't be an infrastructure left. Think Tsusami, Think New Orleans. That is what will be left.

    JWs are deluding themselves with a lot of help from the WTS

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