Is this a trend? More repression == more lethargy...

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  • james_woods

    I have been thinking about a linkage between several interesting threads over the past week or so: Here is what I think we can derive -

    * Recently, a thread asks if JW are assimilating more into the world. Consensus: publishers, yes for many. WTSociety: fighting hard to stop it.

    * Many threads present a practically Gulag picture of the latest District Conventions. Parking, Seating, Rooming, many talks on obedience, toilet paper, food, talking, etc. Consensus: Attendees are completely beaten down and tired out. This is even born out by comments from the platform.

    * Several threads highlight the practical desperation of the special September campaign. Consensus: english speaking baptisms and publishers hours are dropping like flies. Society is desperate to do something to get them up again; maybe sending the lay-off victims as sort of SSmen to whip them into line.

    * There is a definate plethora of magazine articles screaming out the need for obedience and recptiveness to new light. At the same time, there are more active faders and dissidents (many talking through internet even isolated miles from one another) than ever in WT history.

    My theory is that the WTSociety has in fact been cracking the whip with negative results. They are making things worse for themselves with this lunatic conrtol freaking.

    Anybody else feel this is the case?


  • jojochan
    My theory is that the WTSociety has in fact been cracking the whip with negative results. They are making things worse for themselves with this lunatic conrtol freaking.

    Anybody else feel this is the case?

    Oh yes...the 21st. Century Pharacies. How Ironic...they talk bad about the ones they mirror in example.

    The bad thing that they can't and WON'T smell what they've been shoveling.


  • metatron

    They are shooting themselves in the foot, yet again. Their problem is that Witnesses are becoming ever more passive and merely

    compliant - rather than faithful! The more they push, the worse this will get.


  • jambon1

    I agree with what you say.

    If you go into any JW household a few hours before a meeting night you will see that most are simply weighed down with getting to the meetings. Especially if there are kids to battle with. Brings back very bad memories for me when I think about meeting days.

    It all basically added up to this; should get to meeting - dont have the energy - dont feel like going - decide not to go - feel bad all night because you have not gone to the meeting, so on and so forth, week in, week out. What a dull & desperate existance.

    BTW - Go to the same JW households on a Monday/Wednesday/Friday and see them all a bit more laid back and enjoying themselves = no meeting night.

  • truthseeker


    I agree 100% with everything you said!!!

    I am one of those that have to attend, I take notes of the DC and upload them. I would like a statistical analysis of English speaking congos in the USA.

    And three campaigns within the summer months? Unprecedented.

  • james_woods

    Jambon - you must certainly be right about the current effort. It reminded me of the mid 60's time frame - my mom did not have to work outside the house. My dad did not have to work the number of hours that I do - so it was all a lot easier back then (even with the same number of meetings).

    Maybe in addition to the society freaking out, just ordinary modern job and society pressures are putting more pressure on everybody. The double whammy - mom has to work, dad has to do unpaid overtime, kids have mandatory homework, etc...and then the Society decides nobody is doing enough.

    With these kind of pressures, something has to give!

  • juni

    Like I've always said, "Everyone has their breaking point." Even if it means giving up the thought of life on earth forever, when you have reached your saturation point and you are stressed to your maximum you'll forgo the idea just to have some peace.


  • jgnat

    Yes, the WTBTS is pulling out all the stops in following the latest trends on how to demotivate employees.

  • luna2

    You'd think they'd learn that this doesn't work. The constant criticism, blaming and strident complaining about the R & F is so depressing to the average dub that many have to step back for mental health reasons. It was a big factor in why I "took a break".

    Actually, you know what? I hope they keep it up. The more negative and cruel they are, the more that will leave because they can't take the "loving" abuse any more..

  • moanzy

    Go hard Governing Body!!!! Keep flogging the people so their eyes might open up.


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