The Rumor Heard Round The World

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  • Warlock



  • Tea4Two

    Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Very funny

  • ColdRedRain

    Al Gore invented shunning

  • Highlander

    Can I vote Al Gore for president? of the watchtower society?...........

  • Broken Hearted
    Broken Hearted
    Can I vote Al Gore for president? of the watchtower society?...........

    Better President of that than our Country, If they think it is a mess now just think what I it could have been.

    Sorry just my personal biased opinion.

  • yaddayadda

    And Dubya is studying with the Moonies. Havn't you heard?

  • undercover

    Since Al Gore "invented" the Internet...does that mean if he becomes a JW he will shut it down?

  • james_woods

    He'll soon figure out that there is not as much political action money to be had as there was in that Buddhist Temple...

  • james_woods

    BTW, be careful on the internet thing - I recently got called a liar (on an environmental thread a while back) by making the same sort of jokes on that internet thing - his real quotation was:

    March 9, 1999 - CNN interview with Wolf Blitzer: "During my service in the US Congress, I took the initiative in creating the internet."

    Note: the origins of the internet were made by the DOD (the ARPANET) five years before Gore entered congress. I agree that he did not really state that he technically invented it, but this was in fact a very clumsy attempt to take credit for its creation. He did, of course, introduce bills which helped to fund it's development, and could have modestly said just that. What he did say has now become the stuff of political legend.


  • parakeet

    Gore would make a great JW. He's got everything required: a inflated sense of his own importance, ability to lie about his accomplishments, so uptight you could bounce a quarter off him, feigned concern with environmental problems, disregard of facts that weaken his position. He's 9/10's of the way to JW-land already. All he needs is a Watchtower and presto! a perfect JW.

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