So are they predicting the End AGAIN?

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  • heathen
    They generally disagree with churches that seem overly concerned with money and fancy facilities

    OHH pUhhhhhhhhhhhhleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeze , apparently somebody has never been to a kingdub hall , they complain about money constantly since the headquarters doesn't pay for bills for the various congregations . They are always building fancy new buildings , just because they don't have a steeple or stained glass doesn't mean they aren't spending alot of money on the developing properties . They even get free labor while building them which helps them save money and all the labor for selling magzines is voluntary ( along with alot of threats) they still spend quite a bit such as the new 600million dollar printing facility .

  • Terry

    Excuse me, Mr. J-Dub....

    Exactly what signs do you see right now that you haven't seen in the past (in view of the fact you've said the same thing before)?

    The 1968 book THE TRUTH THAT LEADS TO ETERNAL LIFE demonstrated how hysterical and agitated you people become over nothing at all. You predicted famine and population explosions that would put an end to civilizations. Never happened. You pushed everybody in your Kingdom Halls into such a frantic state of mind about 1975 that when NOTHING HAPPENED they were dumbstruck. You made a very big deal about the end of 6000 years of human existence. You haven't mentioned it lately have you? Why not? How long has Adam been waiting in the Garden of Eden for Eve to be created now...........?

    Don't you people deserve to be ashamed of your outright lies and exaggerations? Shouldn't we shake our heads and laugh when you start the whole nonsense all over again just because you want to stir up some emotional reason to attend your boring assemblies??

    Christians all over the world eagerly await the arrival of King Jesus--do they not? And yet--you have had YOUR King Jesus for about 92 years and NOTHING WHATSOEVER HAS HAPPENED THAT YOU HAVE PREACHED AT THE DOORS!!

    Can you just admit now that your precious ORGANIZATION just made the whole thing up???

  • mkr32208

    No date thought! We'll not see them put that noose around the neck again I'm thinking!

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