ITS A ....... Now with pic

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  • Es

    Thanks so much LadyLib, countryguy Misspeaches- you cant tell by the pic its a girl but when its on screen he looked between the legs to see, he couldnt see any male genitalia, heheh with Blake it was so obvious it was a boy ConfusedJw- yeah must be warm in there Cabininthewoods- i have one son and this will be my first daughter. Yeah would be great if you lived closer hey es

  • Legolas

    Congrats Es..and what a beautiful name!

  • Es

    Thanks hun


  • deeskis

    awww that's great Es, a pigeon pair!

    Some people don't like to know the sex before the birth, but I thought it was lovely knowing before and made you feel even closer to the baby.

    You'll be holding your wee girl before you know it.

    Best wishes D

  • Es

    thanks deeskis, yeah i found out with Blake aswell, it also makes it easier to prepare for them if you know what your having


  • hamsterbait

    Why do I always turn into a teary eyed idiot whenever I see an ultrasound of a healthy foetus??


  • Es

    Because you are a kind hearted person

    I always have tears in my eyes whenever i get the ultrasound done, its a wonderful thing

    luv es

  • bem

    Hi Es great to 'see' the babe Thanks for sharing the picture, she looks like she's relaxing.


  • Witchettygrub

    Hello Es and congrats,

    Love the name Kaia and hope the birth is quick being the second time around.


  • FlyingHighNow

    thank heavens for little girls MAURICE CHEVALIER (Gotta love Maurice)

    Thank heaven for little girls
    for little girls get bigger every day!

    Thank heaven for little girls
    they grow up in the most delightful way!

    Those little eyes so helpless and appealing
    one day will flash and send you crashin' thru the ceilin'

    Thank heaven for little girls
    thank heaven for them all,
    no matter where no matter who
    for without them, what would little boys do?

    Thank heaven... thank heaven...
    Thank heaven for little girls!

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