I'm going back to the JW's

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  • McKafka99

    Sorry for what might appear to be simple questions that may be answered elsewhere, but:

    1) Is there any disagreement about the fact that there are no dates in the bible to begin with? (Simple question, only a simple answer needed. Either there are dates in the bible or there are not. I am not talking about translations or interpretations. Either the bible has dates such as 586 BC, 537 BC, 607 BC, etc or it does not.)

    If there are dates, please supply book/chapter/verse.

    If there are no dates in the bible, then there can exist no "scriptual (bible) evidence" for ANY specific date. All dates must be derivative of secular/archaelogical sources. Yes? The bible only provides lengths of times for and between events, either literally or interpretatively. Right? And these timings from the bible may or may not correlate to secular/archaelogical discoveries?

    2) Is there any secular/archeaological evidence/support (no matter how weak or strong) for events ascribed to 537? If so, please tell/describe. Again, please try to keep it simple.

  • Jeffro
    Now, I know from experience that 'scholar' ain't none too good with words, so I thought I'd do a nice simple diagram to evince his lies.

    Still no reply from 'scholar' regarding the simple fact that the Jews must have returned in 538, not 537.

    He's very good at repeating the same old things over and over again and claiming them as facts without any evidence. But when things are plainly set forth in front of them, he cannot refute them.

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