New Pioneer School Service Book

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  • simplesally

    Did you post it battman?

  • IT Support
    IT Support


    Security Warning

    May I urgently suggest you don't send out any more copies until you've checked that the Word document doesn't contain any personal information that might identify you, or whoever created the file?

    Many people don't realise that Microsoft Word (from memory, all versions) -- without warning or asking permission -- embeds personally identifiable information in documents you create. Open the document in Word, then select File | Properties, and check each of the tabs...

    You can remove this personal information by:

    • saving as a text file (File | Save As, then select Save as type: Plain text), but you will lose all formatting;
    • saving a 'clean' version of the file by selecting File | Remove Hidden Data (but can we trust Microsoft to remove everything?);
    • (my favourite): use one of the free PDF file creation utilities (e.g. PrimoPDF) to create a PDF file of your document (just make sure the PDF software doesn't embed your personal details!).

    Hope this helps.

  • geevee

    Actually you should do as IP Support suggests, but change the name of the author to some one you dont like or fred franz or ted jaracz or............

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