I'm sinking into depression and I can't seem to shake it

by Nellie 28 Replies latest jw experiences

  • juni

    Good evening Nellie.

    Happy Birthday! Don't feel you're alone dealing w/these feelings of loss. You had said that this was your first b/day celebration in 30 years. You feel bad because you missed out on these celebrations w/your family and father and friends. You have every right to be feeling sad. I know I certainly felt the same way.

    Hormonal changes can really put you in a tailspin. Stress can affect the balance of the hormones also. That's good that you are going to your dr. and sounds good to have a good cry. That's one of the ways your body deals w/a lot of stress and sadness.

    Have a good time w/your new friends, Nellie. It takes time to heal.



  • gumby

    Ya know what....I just noticed I'm like the only guy who's postin on this thread.

    *sneaks out the back*


  • misspeaches
    Ya know what....I just noticed I'm like the only guy who's postin on this thread.

    *sneaks out the back*

    Gumby - you get right back in here! Your doing a marvellous job...

  • parakeet

    Gumby, come back! We need you. Different points of view are always helpful.

    (BTW, Gumby, check out kid-A's post on the thread started by minimus earlier today. I believe there's a need for your special services.)

  • codeblue


    Leaving a cult takes a while to recover. I haven't had parents in many years, lost my Mom when I was 14.

    Try to enjoy the "now" ... and the family that are supportive to you.

    We love you too

    Life is difficult--"The Road Less Travelled"

  • Miss_MG

    I too have bad feelings that I did not have the opportunity to wish my mother A Happy Mothers day after thirty years in the org. or spend Christmas with her or Birthdays, she died before I could relate my feelings to her,but as I'm learning you cant look back because it will make you sick.So look after yourself and be happy.

  • blondie

    Well, you don't have to be a female to be depressed or hormonal. Guys bottle it up and play with guns. It's good to have a balanced viewpoint on depression, so get back here Gumby and bring another guy.

    I concur, see your doctor, and rule out anything organic. Talk to your doctor about any groups that give you some IRL perspective.


  • gumby

    Does anyone EVER feel they've done enough...especially when they lose someone they love? Is there ever a person who feels they were the perfect child/mate? I'm still gonna call my mom.

    Btw...I left a post after KidA's post. Aint noooobdy stealin by buisness!


  • jgnat

    Yes, I'd say gumby's problem is biological too. An excess of estrogen. Time for one of them high-power protein energy drinks, m'boy.

  • Turd Burgler
    Turd Burgler

    I'm so sick of depression. I wish mine would go away. But it seems to have moved in and found a nice place to stay. Dammit.

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