Do you have any kind of obsession?

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  • Forscher

    Feeding trolls?
    Naaaw. But I do seem to attract them every now and then! I wonder why?
    My wife seems to think so!
    Gumy's nutsack shines?
    Shoot, everbody's obsessed with that one!
    Food? Everybody else swears I am!
    My son seems to think I do! (Shoot! I am just trying to get my lightsaber, I am oooooh so close!)
    Well, nobody's perfect!

  • smellsgood

    Yes, cults in general, the Watchtower in particular. It's a damn fascinating religion ( vomit inducing, chilling, queer, despicable, just plain WRONG) with some very entertaining aspects to it as well. (I am thinking of the golden age articles where they spout off about vaccinations causing a woman going insane, milk being the cure for everything, and other similar trippy "god breathed" articles.)

    other than that, probably my favourite rock band, certain causes close to my heart, ,,,,, and, oh yeah, englishmen.

    and lets not forget rabbit shaped cakes/muffins and other animal shaped pastries. mmmmmm


  • bigmouth

    counting in multiples of 5 and not stepping on cracks.
    Washing my electrical appliances.
    Getting the dirt out of the tread on my tyres. (tires)
    Threatening my lawn with a hammer- bastard grass!!!

  • delilah

    Football.......yes, I realize I'm not normal.......but I also love to collect old, antique dishes and linens.

  • arwen

    I am obsessed with endings. I need to know how everything will end...movies, books, problems. I often read the ending of a novel before I read it from the first. I made my husband tell me the ending for Lord of the Rings before I would go to the movie with him. I hate surprises of any kind. I also like to finish everything,,,the cereal, the wine, the chocolate, the rum,.......

  • JH

    If anyone is obsessed with football cards, pm Buttlight... Her boyfriend has a million cards and they are for sale.

  • BizzyBee
    i'm obessed with words. syntax. ponctuation.

    describing things with new words.

    like in my little propitious microcosm of perpetual libation, i capitulate to the gods of jwd.

    the things is, english is not my first language, so i likely use them out of context.

    i also like sex alot.



  • south african beef
    south african beef

    I'm obsessed with beating my sales targets every year, every month, every week, every day. I get in a bad mood if I don't but a good mood if I do. I usually am in a good mood - thank God!

    I'm also obsessed with what new car the company is going to buy for me every three years - it's always nearly the one I wanted, but the next model down.

    I'm obsessed with working out where to go on holiday next and trying to ensure there is a nice 5 star hotel there.

    I think I'm a bit self obsessed aren't I?

    Wish i said that I'm obsessed with the well being of others now!

    Mind you I really am obsessed with trying to make my wife and my kids happy - so I'm not all bad!!!

  • Snoozy

    Cleaning house!...I love it. The bigger the mess the greater the challange. name it!

    I do my daughters house and now I'm working on my other daughters basement..last week I organized her kitchen cabinets and drawers..

    Don't you wish I was your Mom?


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