Were Russell's Bible Students the only ones predicting 1914?

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  • jwfacts

    Since Russell took the 7 times interpretation from Miller there must have been other people aware of Millers prophecy. In 1914 were there any other groups that were expecting the 7 times to end? The Watchtower says that the Bible Students were the only ones, but what about Millerites etc?

  • freedomlover

    hey jwfacts-

    there is a whole chart in the book "Gentile times reconsidered" pg 60 and 61, about all the different groups around that were predicting the end of the world around Russells time. The years vary but many were professing 1914.
    maybe that will help.

  • jwfacts

    Thanks Lover,

    Does anyone have a scan of that page or can they list them?

  • Atlantis

    Gentile Times Reconsidered page 60

  • stev

    There are others that expected the end of the Gentile Times around the year 1914.

    There were those who left Russell's group, like Paton, Maria Russell, and the New Covenant believers, who might have continued to expect the end of the Gentile Times in 1914.

    On the internet somewhere - Andrew Dugger, of the Adventist group Church of God 7th day, expected 1914 to be the end of the Gentile Times.

    H. Grattan Guinness (listed in Gentile Times Reconsidered) had predicted 1915 or 1917. There are a few pages on him on the SDA book Prophetic Faith of Our Fathers. (BTW, he also predicted 1934. At that time there were some expecting the end of the Gentile Times, including the Bible Student group the PBI. Gentile Times Reconsidered discusses this.)

    W.E. Blackstone (listed in Gentile Times Reconsidered) predicted 1915.

    Many fundamentalists/dispensationalists had endtimes expectations during World War I, that it would result in Armageddon. Clarence(?) Larkin was a dispensationist who was fond of designing intricate prophetic charts. He also might have had a time prediction for the end of the Gentile Times.

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    If I burp and "predict" the year 2008, and I a prophet?

    Russelll wasn't a "prophet" because the things he predicted didn't happen.

    He wasn't even very good at arithmetic.

  • blondie

    Thanks, Atlantis, for posting that scan.


  • jwfacts

    Excellent scan, thanks. I like how some of the people kept changing the start date so as to move the end date forward. Some people never can accept they were wrong. I wonder if the WTS ever will accept they too made a mistake?

  • Atlantis



    Very welcome! My pleasure!

  • heathen

    What I find interesting was that Russell was wrong and changed things around but still stuck with his 360 day prophetic year calendar .

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