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  • greendawn

    There is always a lot of talk among the JWs about the fallen satanic angels who turned away from holiness to practicing evil and tyranny, but what about the Holy Angels?

    There are guardian angels for nations, cities, and individual humans, do you think you have one? Their duties are to protect from visible and invisible enemies, to teach humans divine justice, show them the good way, and comfort them during stressful, difficult times.

    Did you ever feel your guardian angel helping you?

  • Warlock


    I was going to bring this one day, but I'm glad you did.

    If you look at Acts 12:15 you will see how Rhoda thought that Peters angel was knocking at the door. I guess we do have guardian angels and they look like us or at least resemble us.

    There is another scripture in one of the 4 gospels that is similar to this one in that it indicates we have guardian angels, but I just can't remember where it is.

    About the scripture in Acts, the WTS comment on it was that it was some kind of Jewish superstition that caused Rhoda to think that. But like I said, I believe the scripture.


  • daystar

    Holy Guardian Angel and here as well -

    I know most here could hardly care less about my particular viewpoint on such things, however it may still give some relatively unknown (here on JWD at least) views on the subject.

    The basic idea is that we all have Holy Guardian Angels that interact with us in our lives whether we realize it or not and whether we accept it our not. The HGA I refer to is a sort of Higher Self in many ways.

    More this:


    than this:


  • Sad emo
    Sad emo

    Yes I believe we have a guardian angel too.

    I believe I've seen mine on two occasions, as you say both my times were when I was enduring stressful events.

  • FlyingHighNow
    Did you ever feel your guardian angel helping you?

    I know I've received help that can only be explained by angelic help. I do believe that angels are busy all the time in human affairs and everyday life. I want to learn more about guardian angels. You have to be careful when seeking info on angels, because after the big angel craze, (when was it, the ninties?), some people found ways to make a buck off wishful thinkers.

    Andy and I started attending the Episcopal Church (church of my youth) earlier this year. Since then we've seen amazing things we never dreamt we'd experience. I can tell you the spirituality we are experiencing is not from a lot of book learning, though we did go through some classes that were more discussions than rigid curriculim.

    Life has been profound and stressful the past year or so. I decided to start reading books on near death experiences that are documented by doctors. I read some books about coincidences that are miraculous. Then I also, for comfort, started checking out Touched by an Angel dvd's from our library. Now I know that they are fiction, but they brought all of us great comfort. Now we are watching Highway to Heaven dvds that aren't as moving, but are entertaining.

    We've seen a lot prayers answered. I don't mean just our prayers, but prayers on behalf of my two grandsons, by MANY people and groups of people. When our priest blesses my grandson at communion, she always ask that angels surround with him protection and love. From the looks of how is handling very trying circumstances, I'd say the angels are listening.

  • Virgochik

    Daystar, the illustration was beautiful! I fully believe in my guardian angel of goodness, light and protection. OK, maybe I'm laying myself out for everyone to think I'm flaky (flakier?), but here's what happened this morning:

    I always ask my guardian angel to bless and protect me as I leave for work in the morning. I made a huge mistake I could have been fired for right after I clocked in. My boss isn't too fond of me, and I was a sitting duck. He came in my office, closed the door, told me what I'd unintentionally done, and scolded me to never do it again. He said he knew it was a stupid mistake. That was it!

    Yes, I have a guardian angel, and I'm sorry to trouble him so much!

    I've felt like he's saved my careless butt many times. Once, I was so tired, driving home from work late on an winter night. A voice said, Don't panic, and stay off the brakes." Just then, I hit a patch of black ice, and by not slamming on the brakes, I kept control of my car.

    Believe it or not; you'd have had to have been there.

  • delilah

    Hi there, Greendawn....I have always thought that the angels played a far bigger role in life, than we were taught in dubdom.

    While I can't say that I've ever experienced anything personally, I know that some friends of mine have.

    A co-worker's wife, was diagnosed with terminal breast cancer, late last year. She underwent horrendous treatment and many surgeries, to no avail. They prayed, incessantly,( if I may use a JW expression), and after having her breasts removed as a last resort, she was basically sent home to die. A young wife and mother of two small children.

    Her last examination, showed no sign, whatsoever, of any cancer. How do you explain that? I say, it's nothing short of a miracle!! Her guardian angel was DEFINITELY looking after her.

  • eyeslice

    In addition to to Acts 12:15, Christ himself makes reference to guardian angels in Mat 18:10 when referring to 'little children', ""See that you do not look down on one of these little ones. For I tell you that their angels in heaven always see the face of my Father in heaven."
    Interesting - not sure what the WTB&TS's take on this has been.

  • Satanus

    Yes, i have several, that i know of.


    Ps, i'm not sure what or how much they do for me.

  • eyeslice

    Had a quick look in the Watchtower Library CD.
    W05 6/1 31 referred to Acts 12:15 and made this comment:
    "It appears that there was a belief among some Jews that each servant of God had his own angel—in effect, a “guardian angel.” Of course, this view is not directly taught in God’s Word."
    However, I can find no mention of Mat 18:10 in this context - need Blondie's help here, she is the WTB&TS researcher par excellence!

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