WT says child abuse can be given up!

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  • Big Tex
    Big Tex
    I think the wts is so determined to protect child molesters b/c the vast majority of cases, they are male

    I think there's some of that Wednesday, and women absolutely are treated as inferior in that sect, but I think their primary motivation is to remove any and all distractions from the main function which is to sell literature and go to meetings.

    If the organization gets bogged down in child abuse it takes away time from selling. Can't have that. It's far easier, and cheaper, to simply bully, threaten, cajole and/or intimidate the victim and the victim's family into silence. That's something easy to understand for a janitor/window washer elder to do. As for the offender, again it's far easier to wag their finger, pretend nothing happened and hope it doesn't again than actually confront the situation. That gets messy and takes away time, money and effort from selling their literature door to door.

    At its core, Jehovah's Witnesses don't care one whit for people.

  • wednesday

    I've heard the offical , I think party line. I was told they are elders, not police so it is not their job.

    yes it is so hard to adjust your thinking and realize that you gave your life and to a corporation that cares nothing for you. you have problems, they get rid of you you are just a liability. must not let anyone know this happens in jehovahs' org. the victim is gotten rid of and no one ever knows. the victim is to blame.

    I thought about you BT when I posted what i did. Stiill , in most cases, when the child is male , it is a male that is doing the molesting. but not always, as i do know young boys have been abused by females and people just have not always viewed it as the same. (note the female teachers who are molesting their male students) this happened to someone i know. b/c it was years ago, no no legal justice can come to this person.. the young boy was too scared to tell his parents.

  • BizzyBee

    This is disturbing. It indicates that, even with all the attention brought upon them by this issue, the WTS has not bothered to become informed about the facts of child molestation. What they have written is at best incredibly ignorant and at worst does an end-run around the justice system that is in place to handle these criminal acts.

    I am by no means an expert, but I was with an agency for 4 years that did counseling for the children and the molesters and also coordinated the investigation of alleged child sexual abuse with medical, law enforcement and judicial entities. I sat behind the one-way mirrors with detectives and taped the forensic psychological interviews with the victims.

    I asked several of my professional colleagues (especially those who counseled child molesters) the following question: "Can a pedophile be rehabilitated?" The short answer is: "No. If the pedophile is motivated and can be convinced that what they do hurts children, the pedophile can embark on a life-long course of behvioral modification that requires extreme vigilence to controlling their fantasies about children, regular counseling, and adherence to parole instructions to avoid being in the proximity of children or anyplace that children would be expected to be found such as schools, parks, playgrounds, etc."

    Child molesters have no place being inside a KH, where they could easily be sitting next to or near a child. This should never happen! Also, JW children could be assumed to trust someone they knew from the KH and could therefore be vulnerable to being "groomed" by a pedophile. These guys are cunning, instinctive and patient. Shame on the WTS for contributing to the perpetuation and cover up of these horrible crimes. It is said that child molestation is equivalent to the "murder of a child's soul."

  • DannyHaszard

    Lecturer: Clergy sex-abuse needs to be addressed
    Kalamazoo Gazette, MI - 12 minutes ago
    ... Jewish congregations, Jehovah Witnesses groups and many mainline Protestant churches continue to report sex-abuse allegations involving young people, Dorris ...

    Lecturer: Clergy sex-abuse needs to be addressed

    Saturday, June 17, 2006 By Chris Meehan [email protected] 269-388-8412 The Roman Catholic bishops in America are saying -- but not necessarily doing -- all of the right things in trying to address the clergy sex-abuse scandal that has rocked their denomination in recent years. That was the message that Barbara Dorris, a national leader of Survivors Network of Those Abused by Priests, brought to a group of psychologists meeting Friday in Portage. ``With the bishops you see many promises, policies and procedures, but we aren't seeing action to match the words. The behavior isn't changing,'' said Dorris, who serves as victims-outreach director for SNAP. `They are doing the bare minimum and only when forced to do that,'' she said. ``The bishops seem to still believe their priests are more important than the children.'' In an interview before her remarks at the Beacon Club, Dorris said priests are still being accused in different dioceses of sex abuse that allegedly took place after the abuse scandal erupted in Boston in 2002. But clergy abuse is not limited to the Catholic Church, she said. Jewish congregations, Jehovah Witnesses groups and many mainline Protestant churches continue to report sex-abuse allegations involving young people, Dorris said. ``People don't understand the damage that happens to children. The confusion and shame they feel is very tragic,'' she said. Making a terrible situation worse, she said, is that when the abuser is a clergy person, a young victim often thinks God is somehow involved. ``They find themselves losing their religion at the time they need it most,'' she said. [email protected] reporter 269-388-8412 http://www.mlive.com/contactus/ contact page

  • BluesBrother

    I checked the official WT website and Ozzies original article is entitled "Let us Abhor what is Wicked"

  • Satanus

    The Roots of Pedophilia
    must read, linked at my main page and linked by silent lambs too

    A must read explains what goes on in the mind of a pedophile
    I went to the link, and it said that the etiology of pedophilia is unknown. Thus, the title is a little lacking, or, should i say extravagant.


  • stillconcerned

    Can someone email me the link?

    [email protected]


    kimberlee d.

  • Quentin
    It is said that child molestation is equivalent to the "murder of a child's soul." BizzyBee

    My daughter is thirty-six...she was molested by a family member starting at the age of five and lasting about three years. She was in her early twenties before it became know to me. I was on my way out of the WT when she was born, so this is not an JW issue. As a family we have lived with this for thirty years and let me tell you I would not wish the dysfunction that arises from this on anyone. It's hard enough for the victim to live and deal with. They never get over it. Let me repeat that: They never get over it. As a father I will carry the shame of that having happened to my child to my grave. Parents be vigilant. Never take anything for granted when it comes to the welfare of your children. Always be on the alert

    Now having said that. The bloodless creatures in Brooklyn are Godless, amoral, uncaring, power mongers and care nothing for those they claim responsibility for. The article is proof of that. How many children's souls must be murdered before there is any justice? My hope is that all of you who fight this evil will never give up, never stop. I gotta go cool off. I'm not expressing this the way I want. I'm so fucking mad I can't hardly type. For all you lukers out there pay attention. It could happen to you

  • mkr32208

    I think it CAN be given up! I think there are medications out there!

    Take two of these and call me in the morning!

  • stillconcerned

    Recidivism is above 90%, and literally impossible, short of death, without extensive professional counseling.

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