How many languages can you "speak"?

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  • greendawn

    Apart from English I can speak French and did some studies in Hellenistic Greek which is the type of Greek used in the New Testament. I was surprised at how much Italian and Spanish I could understand from reading texts in those languages, they are all daughter languages of Latin (French, Italian, Spanish etc).

  • Apostate Kate
    Apostate Kate

    English, Spanish, dog and horse and some cat. I started learning Japanese and could say enough to keep a Japanese tourist on a horse in the Maui rain forrest from being rolled over in the pineapple fields. ..The only word I remember right now is ABONAI ABONAI!! (sp?) Which means danger danger ...then I would tell them what to do which I have now forgotten.

    Sometimes I watch Spanish soap operas to brush up but the women are always either bitchy or crying, to much estrogen for this apostate.

    Kate~hormone free zone

  • misanthropic

    English and American Sign Language. I would love to learn Japanese and actually live there (but I don't see that happening anytime soon).

  • Calliope

    HOLY!!! kero-kero, i'm in love...
    i wish i were more of a linguist. i am simply facinated by languages and their origin.
    i speak english and french (and 2 difference versions of pig latin in each), spanish and used to speak greek - now i mostly only understand it.
    does it count that i can say "hi, how are you?" in 11 languages?"


  • pseudoxristos

    Has anyone heard of or know Esperanto. I'm considering studing it once I my Spanish bcomes a little better. Given the small number of speakers, I'm not sure it will be worthwhile though.


  • the_classicist

    English mainly, Latin, a bit of Greek and French, and I need to learn German, Italian, and French if I want to go to grad school.

  • moanzy

    I speak English and a bit of French. My step-dad is from Montreal and gave talks at the french assemblies and congregation here. I also had parts in the assembly.

    I did have a spanish study at one time that taught me to read pretty good in Spanish. And of course I am awesome at understanding 2yr olds.


  • runningrussianboy

    I got disfellowshiped cuz the deaf group in el paso couldn't keep their "eyes on the prize" when they were walking in to Wal-Mart and saw my pictures as a run away on the wall. Oh thats besides the point. I'm fluent in ASL/ESL/English and speak a little Spanish. Cheers, B

  • outbutnotdown

    English is my natural language...... mais je parle aussi le Francais parce que, quand j'etais jeune, je suis alle a une ecolle avec Immersion Francaise. (all you french people, pardon me for not having the accent aigus and accent graves... and don't get me started on the accent circomflexes.... lol)

    But when I was in high school, Italian was the "in" thing and I took one class to learn Italian...... Mama mia so saying "Davide a il grande pacco" got a few laughs.


  • ballistic

    I can speak English, Australian, American and Canadian and I do a really cool French accent! and a bit of C++

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