We were supposed to worship the moon tonight! I forgot to tell ya.

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  • PopeOfEruke

    Not to mention we should never have surgery at or around the full moon, as bleeding dramatically increases. Always best to schedule surgery on a waning moon getting close to new moon.

    Thanks Gumby!


  • simplesally

    I really did go and look, it's a beautiful moon tonight. Sometimes, we just look around and don't take the time to see what's really there. Tonight, I did see the beautiful moon. And tomorrow, I think I shall step outside and check it out again. It is so time for all of us to see what is here instead of wishing we had appreciated it while we had the chance.

  • gumby

    Sally.....good point. Too many trees to see the forest. Where in the hell is James Thomas when you need the guy?

    Not to mention we should never have surgery at or around the full moon, as bleeding dramatically increases.

    Pope you sick bastard.....my knee is seriously swollen tonight from surgery a couple of weeks ago and you had to bring that up...didn't ya?

    *throws his own feces against the wall in anger*

  • luna2

    Aaah, well that's why I can't sleep then. Never do during a full moon.

    *throws his own feces against the wall in anger*

    Eww, Gum, hope you didn't expect your wife to clean that up. You may be a god, but even gods should take care of their own messes. (Sorry about your sore knee!)

  • KW13

    i was gonna photoshop some pics but decided not to ruin this thread

  • luna2

    Aw, you wouldn't ruin it, KW.

    I'm going to try to sleep for a couple of hours. I love the full moon, but these sleepless nights are killer. ::yawn::

    Play nice, kids.

  • jgnat

    Doesn't a naked gumby look like....a gumby?

  • Mary
    Gumboner said: Been wonderin why I been so horny lately...then I remembered...it's the full moon!

    That's right.....blame it on de moon...........

  • gumby

    Gumboner eh? ....hey, I kinda like that name. Now you just watch, KW's gonna make a gumby with a woody...you just wait and see..thanks to Mary.

    Ok...I gotta say some serious stuff now so don't get thrown for a loop.

    Monotheists bastards laugh at pagan and other lunar rituals. They should know how lucky they are that some people still appease the great pale face. In fact, most of these monotheistic faiths come from moon cults, anyway. In pre-Muslim Arabia, the Qaa’ba was a temple to the moon god, Hubal. It is believed by many scholars that Hubal and Allah are identical. This might explain the crescent moon at the top of nearly every mosque in the world.

    The Jews and Christians are also very likely descended from moon worshipping bastards.

    Abraham, came from an area that was a prominent seat of worship of the moon god Sin. After the Exodus, the Israelites spent a long time in Sin’ai, the desert of the moon god. In fact, many of the events in the calendars of all three faiths are still determined by the moon. Easter, Ramadan and the beginning of every month in the Jewish calendar are based on the moon......so see there, you guys didn't know that..... did ya now?

    Gumphallic/moongod<moon worshipper......< sheep breeder

  • KW13


    There is a dinger.

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