Bethel Downsizing...The True Story

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  • Poztate

    A lot has been said lately about Bethel downsizing and here is what I believe the true story is.

    Watch where the money is and where it goes. A lot of large company's now are doing two things to maximise profits and bolster the bottom line.

    Downsizing the amount of people they did gives them extra money and real estate space (yes people are a liability even when small) and the potential to flip Real Estate in NYC. A very lucrative prospect. They might even get dub's to renovate before the real estate is sold for windfall profits.

    The second stage is outsourcing jobs...Think it can't happen?? The GB has already said it doesn't need any "publishing company" Jehovah himself will make sure the message gets told.

    Since the Jimmy Swaggart incident they have had their ASS in a sling.They can't charge anything for the publications but only accept "donations" Their bottom line has been in the toilet ever since. They could SELL OFF the publishing part of the empire. It could bring in big bucks on a stand alone sale or some "sympathetic dubs could buy it.

    The WT could then go back to charging$$$$ for the publications and the stand alone company would foot the bill for taxes.

    They would still be expect to donate to the world wide work even after paying for all the books.

    They might keep their core business of WT and Awake publishing although I firmly expect WT will go to once a month to match Awake.

    Just remember...You heard it here first

  • Cabin in the woods
    Cabin in the woods

    As far as the magazines go I think that you might be right about the Watchtower but of course it would have to have twice a s many study articles per magazine so it will be able to go for 4 meetings. If that does not do enought they may be forced to kill the Awake.


  • Highlander

    but of course it would have to have twice a s many study articles per magazine so it will be able to go for 4 meetings

    but on the other hand,, if they can get an hour study out of material that can be studied and reviewed in 15 minutes, then I'm sure they could make 1 WT work over a 4 week period.

    I don't think they'd go to one WT either, but imagine how the dubs would react if they did.

  • ronin1

    This is my take on the entire Bethelites being asked to leave situation:

    The WTS is hurting for cash flow-not assets. Also, they have many pending lawsuits up their asses..................they need to free up whatever assets they have to turn into cash flow to handle these problems.

    Also, do not be fooled..........the WTS are and have been for the last decade making plans to protect their assets and possibly move their monies/assets out of the US into off-shore entities- financial captives.

    They made a very strange move some time ago by appling for a business ID number here in Florida. Figure out the geography......... I believe there was a thread on this.

    Watch in the future.............if they move their assets/monies off-shore- no US lawsuits can touch them.

    I could be wrong, but I do not think I am.

    Any thoughts?


  • Poztate
    I don't think they'd go to one WT either, but imagine how the dubs would react if they did.

    One WT makes sense...They can throw all their studies into a monthly WT (4 or 5) and throw the rest of the crap into the Awake. It makes sense as a business model. It is a business you know....

    Posting between periods..Hockey game...Go Edmonton Oilers....Did I mention I was a Canadian...EH..

  • Poztate

    Well...Edmonton lost... And as goes Edmonton so goes this thread it seems.

  • LDH

    Poz I had lunch today with a JW gal my age who used to work with me. Funny, I knew she was a JW the whole time and just today I told her I had been raised JW.

    ANYHOW, she said her 11 year old daughter is planning to go to Bethel!!!! I was like, WTF?!?!? I tried telling her they don't even accept 'sisters' and that Bethel is downsizing but she assurred me Bethel is accepting even single sisters over the age of 18!!!

  • free2beme

    Just a thought, but most publication companies produce items that the owners do not agree with. They do it for the money, as that is their business to publish things their customer pays them to do. As little as the Witnesses produce, compared to other items that are published, it will eventually get more profitable to have someone else do it, then to do it themselves.

  • luna2

    I like the offshore idea. I can totally see the WTS justifying such a move as an effort to thwart the greedy, Satan-backed government. The once a week Watchtower has merit too. Be interesting to see what happens.

  • jwfacts

    Interesting concept. When I was in bethel I couldnt believe what a total waste of resources it was. The same amount of output could have been achieved with a fraction of paid labour. Franz quoted some research also showing that a company could produce the mags at the same cost as what it costs bethel. They could do it all legally, for profit, above board and not loose any money.

    I doubt the GB would want to loose control, maybe the WTS just set up a new for-profit company in Mexico and pay people to make the magazines. There would have to be some separation to avoid the coming law suits, but the GB could be directors on both. That way the publishers could starting selling magazines again. Any surplus could be distributed to individuals or donated to the not-for-profit arm. The not-for-profit WTS could continue reaping in all the donations tax free.

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