One of those scary moments!!

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  • Sad emo
    Sad emo

    Thank you all for your comments! My guinea pig is still alive this morning so I take that as a good sign, I was worried about how much water might have got into her lungs but she seems ok, not wheezing or anything and she's eating - maybe she just hurt her pride!

    juni - Yes they make fantastic pets for children, as long as they're handled from being young, they are very easy to hold (unlike hamsters etc) and they are less likely to nip like rabbits sometimes do. All they ask for is a clean house, food, water and lots of cuddles (ok and combing if they have long hair!). And they do make such a variety of squeaks and other noises - I love it when my two are having a 'domestic'!

    I think they can doggy paddle but their body size is so disproportionate to their little legs that they don't last long, besides it was very hot yesterday and my guineas are very old (about 5 yrs).

    Greendawn - A sheep! That must have taken some strength, they're wriggly and heavy even when dry. Well done!

    Purza - So sorry about you losing your piggy. In the UK you can buy small logs which have been hollowed out and had holes put in for hamsters to gnaw and play in, so they are untreated. I get these for my pigs and stuff them full of hay for added fun for them. Make sure you don't give them too much lettuce as I'm told, there's some component which has a cumulative effect and shortens their lifespan (not drastically though).

  • Sad emo
    Sad emo

    I came home from work today and little piggy has died

    I think she just couldn't cope with the shock because of her age, so she just went to sleep in the corner of the hutch. Her other buddy is upset - she'd actually pulled some of her companion's hair out, trying to get her to move.

    I've buried her under a huge patch of bluebells at the end of my garden so every year when they flower I can remember her.

  • candidlynuts

    awww ..i'm so sorry for the loss of your pet. hugs

  • mariposa

    Oh No!!!

    I'm sooooo sorry the little munchkin didn't make it! And now her little friend is so sad too.

    My thoughts are with you

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