Jehovahs Witnesses - The Peter Pan religion

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  • DaCheech

    My closest witness friend never wanted to marry (13 years ago), due to the "I will marry in the new world" syndrome. HE is now married!!!

  • matey

    the big thing that i feel screwed myself over was the whole "you'll be wasting your time furthering your education" thing. My parents never pushed college, and while i did really good in school up till junior year in high school(still did good, just easy classes:P), the whole college thing was a different world to me. i had no idea how to go about it, where to go, who to talk to, and i put most of the blame on my parents and the org. for not supporting the idea.. but then again, the end is right around the corner, maybe i shouldn't waste my time?!? what bulllshiiiittt

  • Finally-Free

    I never had kids because the "end was right around the corner". Now I sit alone in my livingroom and look out of the window to see other people my age playing with their grandchildren.


  • Warlock

    Matey: Welcome to board, Matey (pun intended). The same with me, except I didn't grow up in the Org. I was just following directions, like a good little sheep. Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

    Finally: I'm sorry to hear that. I'd be in the same situation, except my wife begged me to have at least 1 child and that's what happened.


  • Fleur

    Welcome, Matey!

    Elsewhere...what can I say but

    My mother actually went up to an elder after a talk on fornication and asked him to explain it so she could be sure she wasn't doing it. He apparently turned quite colorful.

    Scary to think too that my mother knew nothing about sex at of her 'uncles' was very actively molesting others in the family and I bet he got his hands on her too, she doesn't talk about it.

    And JW's have the stones to complain that Catholics baptize babies! So do they!


  • drew sagan
    drew sagan

    truthseeker I think you are way out of line here. Those individuals who proclaimed such things step outside of Jehovah's Organization and promote their own ideas. We can't run ahead of the pack, that's where Satan is.

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