Did we really believe in Armaggedon?

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  • Finally-Free

    I believed in it to a point. I didn't believe all non jws would be destroyed. I also wasn't convinced it would happen in my lifetime, and I also didn't believe the watchtower held the monopoly on "true religion". I didn't tell other jws how I felt about it either. I kept my thoughts to myself and behaved like a good little robot.


  • Fleur
    I always thought that if Armageddon came tomorrow I was toast!

    Oh, Moanzy!!! I did too! Even as a child I was sure that I could never be good enough to make it into the New System to watch, as my husband refers to it, the lions playing frisbee with the lambs at the never-ending multi-cultural picnic!

    I believed it still even when I chose to leave the org. I thought that if I died when it came at least I'd have lived a little and been happy.

    Ironically, MY end almost came three weeks after the first time I went away with my new boyfriend (now husband) for the weekend. Long story short, as I was passing out and not knowing if I'd ever come to again, I was so happy that I had known what love really felt like once in my life if this was the end for me. I had no regrets at all.

    Now I don't worry about Armageddon...and I'm grateful for every day that I am blessed with.


  • under_believer

    As I posted in the other thread, occasionally they could scare me into doubting myself, but usually, no I didn't believe it would come in my lifetime.

  • Poztate
    I just saw this thread. Great minds think alike, huh??

    Min...It's always a question...isn't it???? I no longer believe in Armaggedon as in the destruction of most of mankind by the god of love (AKA Jehovah.) If this is the best that god can do (if there is one) we are in a shitload of trouble.

  • sir82
    wonder how many other witnesses are like this?

    That would be me.

    Looking back, even when I thought I believed, I really didn't.

  • Fleshybirdfodder
    as my husband refers to it, the lions playing frisbee with the lambs at the never-ending multi-cultural picnic!


    I felt the same as Under_Believer, it was only on rare occasions that someone on the platform really got me thinking there might be some truth to that BS.


  • DanTheMan
    I liked the idea...as an idea, as a theoretical construct or as a dream. I don't know if I really, truly believed, though


    I think that this describes most JW's. It takes a hateful s.o.b. to believe in the most literal sense that real soon now that God is going to violently kill (or in the euphemistic phraseology of WTS publications, "destroy") everybody who isn't a JW.

    I'm tempted to pretend that I never was a JW the next time they come to my door, and ask them directly -

    "From what I know of your religion, your basic message is 'Join us or else God is going to kill you' - is that correct?" And watch them squirm.

    Fundies don't like it when you ask them what their religion teaches will happen to you if you don't convert, they just want to sell you on things like Heaven or Paradise. The darker aspects of their Faithâ„¢ is embarrassing to them, and rightly so, and they'd rather not discuss it.

  • parakeet

    I was dragged into the org as a teenager, so I didn't have a childhood of indoctrination about Armageddon. I went along with it because I didn't know any better, but I never really believed it. As soon as I got out on my own, I dropped the cult like a hot potato.
    The only nightmares I get now are not of Armageddon, but of being dragged back into the org.

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