Did we really believe in Armaggedon?

by james_woods 17 Replies latest jw experiences

  • james_woods

    I got jolted into a forgotten realization by Arthur's world events and time of the end thread.

    My personal "truth" was and is - I never even really believed in it!!!

    And, yet allowed myself to get brainwashed into following around like a robot and talking to other people like I did...unbelievable now that I think about it. But in the back of my mind (what little part was still working on its own) I was just thinking - yea sure. OK. Whatever.


    Here is my question - wonder how many other witnesses are like this? I.E. - not really in expectation of the new system in their lifetimes, but just saying the words as if they did to please everybody else - maybe this is starting to be a problem for Brooklyn. Just maybe this could be the reason for all the whipping up of faithful to the end, wait on Jehovah, don't doubt, etc...


  • BizzyBee

    I've always said that if Armageddon actually happened, some of the most surprised people would be JW's. Including me.

  • Warlock

    I did and still do. I just don't think I'm going to live to see it.

    Warlock (the "I still have a little faith left" one)

  • lawrence

    I believed it, even had nightmares for a while after leaving the "lie."

  • luna2

    I'm trying to decide if I really did. I liked the idea...as an idea, as a theoretical construct or as a dream. I don't know if I really, truly believed, though. I always had a hard time picturing what it would be like and how it would work. I often had to fall back on Magic Jebus who could fix everything with a twitch of his nose (or something).

    I do know that it was hard to give up the idea once I realized that the WTS is a sham. I would still catch myself thinking that I'd see so and so in the new sys. ::sigh:: So weird to have this pretend world so firmly embedded in your thought patterns.

  • greendawn

    I never really believed in it for long because I realised that the gospel was not being preached in all the world but only half of it and the excuse of the dubs that their political leaders had been warned and that is equivalent to having covered those countries didn't make any sense. Especially considering that according to the WTS understanding of Armageddon it would be a crashingly final judgement for all the non JWs, including the children of non JWs.

    And then, when and how did the president or the GB of the WTS warn the political leaders that had banned the JWs from preaching in their realm?

  • minimus

    I just saw this thread. Great minds think alike, huh??

  • Warlock

    I thought 666 day was Tuesday.


  • moanzy

    As a little girl I used to be so scared of Armaggedon because I hated my step-dad so much and wished he was dead. I always thought that if Armageddon came tomorrow I was toast!

    I remember too, praying that Armaggedon wouldn't come until I at least got to wear makeup, then it was get my ears peirced , then I would pray that I got the chance to get married before the end cause I knew there would be no marriage in the new system. Last I wanted to get the chance to have kids.


  • james_woods

    Minimus - you are so correct. Great minds indeed...

    and here I was just ready to accuse you of a thread vampirirsmm...glad I pretty much used up all my poison pen juice for SlimBoyFat.

    I was kind of hoping for some guesses on the stats - I would bet that nearly half of the JW's held at least a skeptical doubt of this happening before they die, and probably at least a quarter think in their heart of hearts that its all a nice fairy tale.

    Of course, I guess only the shadow can see into the hearts of men.


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