Asshole Atheism – Not for me, now or ever.

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  • Simon

    I'm sorry but I think if people want to blurt out public statements of faith then I think it's reasonable that people can also challenge those statements and assumptions with their own statements. If people don't want ideas challenged then they should only speak them in private groups or at home.

    It is not being an asshole to point out that someone who survives Ebola probably owes their life to the doctors and medical staff more than to the imaginary man in the sky as long as it is said in a reasonable way.

    To allow religion free reign to be promoted without being challenged is wrong and insidious.

  • Coded Logic
    Coded Logic
    I would like to second Simmon's motion. Freedom of speech is NOT freedom from criticism. I don't go door to door telling people their God isn't real or stand out on the street corner with a bull horn telling them they believe in fairy tales (even though religious people do engage in this sort of behavior). However, if someone wants to make statements of faith on a public forum - it's free game for me to speak my opinions about the nature of their beliefs.
  • millie210

    Interesting post donny.

    I have discovered that some atheists are just as preachy as religious zealots.

    Others have a more elegant way of sharing and come across as approachable, making it is easier to ask them questions.

  • violias

    I feel no need to try and destroy someone else's faith just b/c I don't agree with them. Who died and made me God? If faith in God helps someone - well, whatever gets you through the night.

    I never used to read the Atheist threads b/c they were no different than zealot Christians or whatever religion- trying to force their views down my throat. However, since reading Sam Harris I am able to read atheist literature of similar nature. I do not feel assaulted by him. In fact, I still believe in a God, a Creator but feel He may have little to do with our day to day lives at all. That is, I may not have my own personal Jesus or Jah.

    I feel a lot better not having to classify myself . I will support those who draw comfort from faith unless they do dangerous things like refuse medical care to children or seek to harm others b/c of their faith. That crosses the line.

  • GrreatTeacher
    Maybe like a lot of things, it's not just what you say, but how you say it.
  • Twitch

    Yea it's all in the delivery

    It's not that faith can't be challenged; it can and should be, especially in a public forum about religious beliefs. This is obvious.

    Of course one can have whatever opinion they choose and take whatever approach they like but if it's to denigrate and insult, it just seems wrong and little if any good will come of it. This assumes any good is intended of course.

    As has been said, whatever gets you through the day

  • Magnum

    Ain't for me, either.

  • Finkelstein

    There is an appropriate and respectful way to debate topics.

    There is no excuse for rudeness or vitriol attacks toward others in debating topics of discussion.

    Every open discussion should be on a platform of humility.

  • JWdaughter

    I kind of prefer the "spiritual, not religious" kind of folks in general. Too much religion or total disrespect for believers -well, it never goes to a good place, does it?

    My son is kind of a a-hole atheist (or agnostic, which seems worse, somehow). I can't mention God or faith or blessings (and being Muslim, I try to keep my specific version of faith out of it) without him going for my throat, for my moms's for my other sons or their dad (and they are all of different faiths). I actually removed myself frm FB and he is at least a big reason for it. Not agreeing with those of faith is fair enough. Calling eveyone of faith an idiot is rude-at best. A lot of other things at worst. To disagee is fair. To disrespect and disparage is asshole behavior. Some EX JWs do it to JWs, and the some of the many atheist/agnostic ones have done it to any other believer.

    I don't really understand why folks feel the need to do that. Discussions--even tough questions, I get that. But when they are surrounded with insults and inflammatory disparaging insults and denigration-how are they furthering any kind of conversation, much less mutual respect?. I'd much rather meet a respectful atheist that I could work side by side with than a fundy believer. I don't want to be associated with a**holes of any persuasion. Activists can be the most off putting bad advertisements for their causes imaginable.Activist atheists included.


  • Viviane

    Interestingly, people of faith can say things like "I hope you enjoy the heat" or "You'll wish you had believed when you're in hell" and totally get away with it 100%, simply because someone doesn't believe in God. They can literally tell someone they will be tortured in fire for eternity and it's considered a kindness.

    However, that say person being told "I think religion and belief in invisible creatures is stupid" is somehow persecution and the person telling them is an asshole.

    Yeah, not how it works.

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