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  • prophecor

    I started carrying the torch for my Father. He was an avid talk show fan. I didn't see the sense in it earlier, but as I got older, I realised that listening to the views and opinions of others was a good way for me to acquire an understanding about people that I ordinarily wouldn't have an opportunity to.

    This guy is my is just one of my Talk Radio Heroes. Micheal Savage, out of San Fran Sicko

    Syndicated and touted nationwide, he has a very diverse audience. He's a licensed nutritionist and absolutely loves America. A Patriot with a voice that is unlike any other, physically and mentally! A true Mental & Emotional Giant among a pack of guppies.

  • TresHappy

    Phil Hendrie - although I haven't heard him in a few years. He's not syndicated here. Funny, I mean FUNNY! The way he does his voices and all those characters he does. OMG Funny!

  • blondie
  • OpenFireGlass

    Yeah I remember the firs time I tuned into Phil Hendri... I was like WTF!

  • Confession

    Prophecor, I sense you and I would enjoy many a good conversation.

    I was in radio for fifteen years before leaving to start my own marketing agency/production company. While in, I definitely fell in love with talk radio. I do enjoy Michael Savage--although he can get a bit hostile from time to time. I really liked G. Gordon Liddy, but haven't heard him in some time.

    Phil Hendrie? Look, not only do I think that it's the funniest radio program I've ever heard... I think it's the funniest THING I've ever found in my life. I was an addict for quite a few years; still listen occasionally.

  • prophecor

    Phil Hendrie is a complete lunatic, well, at least his characters are.I would play Phil Hendrie around folks that just weren't up to speed on him. They would listen and take in the info as if it was real. I would silently laugh in my head to hear others respond to his spoofs. Absolute classic.

  • OpenFireGlass

    Here's our local community radio... A true community radio run by the people... To the point that starting in july through september they include helicopter reports so the growers always know where the feds are...

    Check out their program schedule for their talk shows... you can listen (real time) online for free also...

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