Are most JW`s deeply unhappy?

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  • Fleur
    Where are Jehovahs Happy People?

    I think now that those who were Jehovah's Happy People became the WTS Miserable People and are now Ex-Jehovah's Happy People!

    No one I know in the org. is happy. Period. There is the Stepford like facade and beneath, it's all quiet desperation.

    Its heartbreaking to me. I know my friends and family are suffering, I wish that they could find their way to freedom and find that you can be happy. Life doesn't have to be a matter of counting down days until you can live. They're literally wasting their lives. So sad.


  • Poztate

    Deeply Unhappy...Not them.They lead a full and "rewarding"™ life On Sunday they get the fine instruction from the public talk and then WT study.They may then participate in FS in the afternoon with the goal of getting in at LEAST 10 hours for the month.

    Monday evening is spent (after a full day at work) reviewing for the Tuesday night ministry school and service meeting. If jehovah has blessed them they might be privilaged enough to have a part (or two) on the program

    Tuesday(after a full day at work) evening is spent at the TMS and SM.

    Wen.(after a full day at work) is a good time to pre study for the study .There are so many new and exciting thing to learn from the new books.(since the old books and "truths"™ are now obsolete.)

    Thursday.(after a full day at work) I get goosebumps just thinking about it Learning all those "new truths" and a chance for cookies and coffee afterwards (once a month)

    Friday.(after a full day at work) excellent chance to have the "family study" What better way to stay close to jehovah (and the borg)

    Sat...Well that is "magazine day" If you have a theocratic calender you will note that ALL 52 SATURDAYS in the year are clearly marked as magazine day.You might want to go out both in the morning and afternoon since it is such an important day.

    To round out your schedule you have your CA's and one DA. If you are lucky...oops did I say lucky a visiting missionary might come alone with pictures and exp from his assigned field.I remember a recent "special program where they talked about the KH building efforts and how that took a LOT of money to do..wink..wink..nod..nod..know what I mean

    If you are really lucky the elders will meet with you to "encourage" you to do EVEN more.We do know that god is going to kill those who aren't giving %100 + Soooo What's to be unhappy about.

  • Fleshybirdfodder

    I think the paradox is inherent in the fact that despite claiming to be "Jehovah's happy people" (isn't there even a kingdumb melody with that title?) there is guilt associated with the feeling of happiness, or contentment. To be content infers that you aren't doing enough, you are stagnant in the ministry and are dangerously close to "spiritual drifting". I really think there is an odd adrenal reaction in many witnesses to misery and martyrdom (the most devout at least), They are never so "happy" as when they are miserable. The more sickness, death, disasters, and catastrophes they encounter, the more solidified their conviction that the "end" is just around the corner. They are so caught up in Witless mentality, they find pain self-actualizing.


  • Saoirse
    I drank heavily when I was a JW because I couldnt cope with the 'nothing is ever good enough' mentality.

    My husband and I once found a bottle of Scotch in a JW's bathroom. You've got to be pretty messed up if you can't go to the bathroom without having a drink.

    Most of the JWs I run into look tired, worn-out and depressed. The only ones that seem happy are the new recruits.

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