UPDATE! 'Local Needs' Part on Apostates!

by drew sagan 41 Replies latest jw friends

  • greendawn

    "Apostates" have information that can seriously damage the FDS and his dogmas hence the great fear they have for them and the draconian measures they take to isolate them. But the naive dubs are not able to see this simple truth.

    A decent and civilised person never suppresses the freedom of speech under any excuse.

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    Not without good reason has it been observed that the QUESTION MARK resembles a snake coiled to attack.


    Questions are scary and make the elders' heads hurt.

  • RachelHall
    I'm happy to be an Apostate in their eyes, better that, then God's eyes, WE know who the REAL Apostate's are!

    Amen! I agree arcadian

  • Forscher
    How can these guys think they have the truth when they get so scared of somebody asking them a stinking question!

    That question gets to the heart of the matter. If they really did believe that the organization was being up front and honest with them they wouldn't be afraid of your questions. Somehow I think they realise at some level that it isn't. Since the organization allows no deviation on the least item in its teachings, when confronted with something which cannot be easily refuted the only response avilable is "but the FDS says so". That is not a very good hook to hang one's hat on.
    As for the confidentiality thing. One thing I noted when going through the elder's manual was that even in cases where an elder might be able to handle something without a committee, he is still required to inform the PO. That means that there is no so thing as confidentiality among the elders. And considering the way the GB is about any questiong of the policies or teachings of the organization I am not surprised at the reaction of your body of elders.

  • lawrence

    No different than the emperor's clothes... those that support the FDS are truly naked, but hide behind a veneer of being God's chosen people. What a bunch of malarky!

  • Anitar

    I love how the elders go on the offensive

    "Red alert! Shields up! Aposate battle cruiser port side! Arm the Special Judical Comittee Torpeodes! Ha Ha HA HA!!!!!

    Sorry, too much coffee. Congratulations on your wife getting a taste of the real truth. Good luck and God bless you!!!!

  • Poztate
    They fear the Internet, they fear what they might find out about, they fear doubt, they fear

    critical reasoning ..... because we have them on the run!


    And they are right to fear.The "truth" is only a click away from anyone.

    My wife commented to me the other night that the Internet was the WORST THING that had ever been invented.

    I am sure a lot of her reasoning comes from what the WT has told her.

  • mcsemike

    Forsher: Good point. You would think they'd welcome all the questions in the world. It would give them more chances to reply with their cult beliefs. Kind of putting more JW "karma" into the air, somehow to land and plant a seed. (Oh, sorry, seeds need fertilizer, there's always their manure.....).

    Anyway, many good points made on this post. How can anyone fear questions if he thinks he has the truth?? I can't help thinking of the expression, "My mind is already made up, don't confuse me with the facts." Truly a sorry, sick, and ignorant group of people.

  • ashitaka

    This happened to me too. I had been unoffically out for two years, and had just sent out that mailing that people here had sent out about the UN thing.

    I had people trying to contact my ex-wife and I (who had also left) and my parents. I heard that they had a twelve or thirteen congregation talk about apostates. They got my brother in law and other people in those horrible back halls and interrorgated them. Good for them, they said nothing.

    Not too long after that, I communicated my willingness to pursue legal means if they tried anything with me. It worked. I haven't heard peep since.

  • freedomlover

    YES! good for you Drew and Mrs. Drew!

    It so wonderful that your wife is able to see through all this and see what is REALLY happening!

    when are you going to show her this place??????? :)

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