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  • drew sagan
    drew sagan

    Not really. Many would use the old excuse 'bodily training is good for a little, BUT....' So, not really much 'better' at the KH. I would say it was pretty average as to what you would find outside of the congregation as far as your average American goes.

  • MinisterAmos
    Most people under the age of 60 in our congregations were severely overweight.

    That is usually a sign of chronic depression.

    The congos tend to reflect their leadership. I've been in one with a great group of friendly outgoing people, and I've been in the congo from hell as well. The congo from hell boasted;

    A PO who sought ever increasing duties while his wife was dying of cancer (his kids are all DF'ed so the sisters care for his wife and clean the house and cook)

    AT LEAST 50% of the Baby Daddies were never heard from or spoken about. In TWO FREAKING years I never once heard a family of four kids (and another come to think about it) mention their father. They have been over to swim etc at least a dozen times.

    At least one mentally retarded Elder.

    Another Elder whose wife wouldn't let her child pet my cat because "the wild beast with seven heads and ten horns is a cat" Ditto with my parrot because they (birds) will eat the dead after Armageddon.

    At least two mentally retarded MS's

    A PO whose possible butt-buddy is at Bethel and is constantly proposing from the pulpit that the congo vote to buy him plane tickets to visit us. Why the heck we need even more fruitage of the lips I'm not sure. A "free" beach vacation for his buddy maybe?

    An Elder with a son at Bethel and you guessed it; we buy his tickets. I wish I had taken a pic of the Elders face when I didn't raise my hand in favor of buying his ticket. Enraged would begin to describe the expression.

    A book study group uses the baby room at the same time the ministry school is in the salon. Moms with babies are told to leave the hall by either wandering MS's or directly from the pulpit. Since there is no baby room for them they have to wait outside (high crime area, mosquitos etc)

    I have no ides why this congo still exists other than some folks like to be degraded.

  • seawolf

    There were a lot of sick ones there with different health problems. What always pissed me off was people coming there sick and then I'd come down sick right after. I have a good immune system but when they're sneezing all over you from all directions then there's only so much your body can take.

  • vomit

    I am toying with a few ideas, as I myself have brought this topic up before.
    One reason may be some kind of Munchausen syndrome. Not so severe but like letting your health go to such a bad extent that you need major surgery.
    I also think that, especially with women and something like breast cancer, that instead of having radio therapy they go to the extreme approach and just let the doctor give them full mastectomies. This could be like a test of faith, or some kind of sister solidarity. But I doubt anybody would ever admit it. I just cant see why there are some many extreme cancer cases especially among JW women, how many women have you heard that have also had hysterectomies. Say 1 in 100 JWs to 1 in 100 in your work place. Even if the actual numbers were the same, JWs are far more inclined to tell you about it, bringing us right back to a symptom of Munchausen syndrome. I have observed almost the same behavior from UK to Asia and America, all the women seem to almost boast to what the have been through. This kind of boasting is actually unheard of in Japan but I have encountered it only with JWs.
    Another idea I have is that it is not only stress brought on by being in the cult. But perhaps something like reverse faith healing. By being in that atmosphere of illness, the attention it gets you, faith challenge by going into hospital with all your blood brochures, solidarity, people caring for you in a loveless environment. Could well be a symptom of that religion.

  • Bstndance

    There were are were two women with MS. A couple with breast cancer. Quite a bit of depression and anxiety. Although, I think MS and cancer are rather high in the general population in Northern CT, Western Mass because of all of the factories and dump chemicals into the water supply. Call Erin Brokovich!

  • elliej

    It was my experience that the brothers and sisters over exaggerated any illnesses or problems that they had because it gave them lots of attention and it excused them from their responsibilities in the congregation (field service, ministry school parts, meeting attendance).


    I believe that most of the health problems in the Borg are psychosomatic. They need to have something that will pay off for the miserable lives they lead, and being healed from various ailments is one way to justify it.

  • moomanchu
    excused them from their responsibilities in the congregation (field service, ministry school parts, meeting attendance).

    Right on the money they would go to work and school or whatever else they need to do.

  • wednesday

    I agree with above poster, I think whether they realize it or not, they are seeking a way out of their lifestyle They have a doctors note that says they have to take it easy, and so it will be ok with jehovah and the cong.

    In our local cong the sisters are many of them are very ill. Fibromyalgia, Chronic fatigue syndrome, chemical sensitivites, cancer, MS, various mental /emotional illness problems. Some sisters used to gather at the back of the hall and talk during session abut their diseases and it was a comfort to them. Or they would get to the meeting and excuse themselves to the ladies room and stay there. It was ok, they were ill. one sister who died of breast cancer, when young, well she knew she was ill and did not seek treatment until was too late. . this sis, basically committed suicide. The other sisters gathered around her, and it was a major big deal, but the thing is this sis had molestation issues, and I firmly believe she wanted to die. What a sad thing.

    I think this may happen more than we know, persons with depression and it is untreatd b/c the older hardline jws I know would never admit to being depressed, so they get an illness and rather than treat it, they die from it and have hope in the new system.

    I once saw a doc who is a jws in this area and he told me basically to wait on the new system. I told him, thanks, but think i'll ifnd a doc who is actually interested in helping me live now.

    Some of the elders are effected too. If a man is sensitive at all, and cares even a little about others, how could he not be depressed at what he sees ? The elders I've kown have told me it is so hard for them b/c have to hear the horrible things that go on in the backroom ,things that the rank and file , reg publishers , are spared from. they are tired and ready to give up from stress.

    stress kills. It will destroy your body and mind if you do not do something to halt it.

  • Mary

    It varied alot in my had people who were healthy, but alot of the sisters had (and still have) eating disorders. Half of them were either bulimic or anorexic and there was fierce competition as to who was the skinniest (sounds kinda like Hollywood eh?). Alot were on antidepressants and the majority of the elder body drink alot. And I mean: A LOT.

    Then of course you have people who either come to the meetings when they themselves are sick or they bring their sick kids because Armageddon might come that very day, and if they're not at the meeting, Jehovah will surely murder them.

    A few got spoken to about their filthy homes---they were like pigpens.........

    I'd say the biggest problem in our Hall was mental health.........too many wackos....

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