A few pics from the UP of Michigan

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  • sweetsevda

    hi thanks for the pics they r nice

  • Forscher

    Yes. It is beautiful country!
    I've walked under the upper Tahquamenon Falls. It was fantastic!

  • Jourles

    Yes, the UP is absolutely gorgeous. It could be considered a totally different state. The first part of the week we stayed in Germfask, which is right next to the Seney NWR. I could spend days in there watching the wildlife. It is so amazing. But we didn't get to see any bears or moose! We did see a bald eagle while kayaking though. And the kayaking we did was on the Manistique River, which also goes right through the refuge. The other half of the week we went up to the Houghton/Hancock area. Copper Harbor is at the very top of the UP(don't forget to drive the Brockway!)

    Some of the pics from the Pictured Rocks charter trip were a little hazy due to the fog that rolled in. Luckily though the water was calm, so the captain brought us in very close to the rocks since there were no waves to contend with. All in all, the weather was fantastic and there was basically no crowds. I guess the tourist season doesn't really kick in until about now - once school is out.

    I would give my left nut to move up to a nice digital SLR. But right now I have to live with a Kodak DX6490 with a lens adapter and a couple of filters. The wife wanted a smaller handheld camera while I wanted an SLR. The 6490 was the compromise. I love doing nature and scenic photography. With people pictures I suck. These are the only type people-pics I can get to look halfway decent:

    Any pro photographers out there know why it is more difficult to get straight on face shots rather than lookaways and silhouettes? Is there a trick to it, or is it just talent? My guess is talent.

  • Jourles

    Lo -

    My mom grew up in Traverse City, Michigan. She loved it.

    Me too. In fact, TC is/was ultimately going to be the place I moved to eventually. But now that I've really been around the UP, I'm not so sure anymore. But the TC area reminds me a lot of CO in many ways. I used to live in Breckenridge and in many respects(minus the mountains) TC is a lot like Summit County, CO. But the TC area has the beautiful water and waaay less crowds. Oh, and CO doesn't have the wineries either.

  • juni

    I really enjoyed your beautiful pics Jourles! You'll be known as a "Uper" if you move to the UP ya know. We live near Madison, WI.

    We've been up by the Canadian border in north central Wisconsin - Manitowish Waters and north of there. Beautiful country! I wish we had bought property years ago when it was cheap up there. Now it is SO expensive. I don't even know that there is much land available around the lakes.

    Thanks for posting the beautiful sites.


  • tan

    Absolutely beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

  • Sad emo
    Sad emo


    It was well worth my having to wait to see these (my home pc wouldn't run fast enough to load pics last night!)

    When I have more money, I'm gonna travel, but this is more than good enough for now. I love looking at pictures of different places.

    Thank you for sharing them with us Jourles..

  • delilah

    Wow, beautiful pictures, jourles. I'd forgotten just how beautiful northern Michigan is. It resembles northern Ontario, exactly!!

  • Van Gogh
    Van Gogh

    Sooooo jealous of your pristine space and wide unspoilt nature!

    Greetings from a crowded Amsterdam in a small built up country with nothing on the horizon but a multitude of motorways.

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