Do you have trouble with 'Renters' in the block?

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  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    I live in a lake area, out of town. My neighborhood is mostly single family homes. But there are two small rentals in the area close by - a duplex and a tri-plex. I have had nothing but trouble from these folks.

    They just stroll across my yard like it is a public road. They stay up all hours and talk and drink. They let their little kids run loose without any supervision. Last week one of the fellows from the apartment around the corner just decided to take his lawn tractor down along the wet-area that is adjacent to the lake and mow a strip - in the process he mowed down my one year old privitt plantings. I called the cops - but we 'settled out of court' so to speak - he agreed to pay for the damages - including some major rutts in my backyard where he got stuck. Of course he has made none of the repairs or replaced the damaged bushes as he said he would.

    Now we are having nightly visits by anon bell ringers - I know who it is - a bunch of young people that just moved in on the other side in the duplex. They stay up all hours - make alot of late nite noise - and apparently get bored into bothering the respectable part of the nieghborhood.

    Sorry just wanted to blow off a little steam. The little buggers are getting under my skin.


  • luna2

    It was a major problem where I live. I'm in a townhouse complex, so we are pretty tightly packed together here. It's essential that people respect each other's privacy and understand how to behave in a crowded environment. Some of the renters we've had here don't get it and don't want to get it. Not to say all renters are a problem at all, but the ones who are can really screw things up.

    I had people living next door to me that made me insane. They were horrible, messy, rude, noisy, awful people. They broke all the rules (I'm not a huge "rule" person, but you really do need some in a place like this), and made things miserable for anybody they came in contact with. I'm not sure why the board put up with it. I finally started calling in complaints and the owner of the unit began to get fined. Once he started putting pressure on the numbnuts next door, they didn't hang around too long. In fact, they bolted in the middle of the night. Ah, blessed relief! lol

    Sorry you are having to deal with jerky renters in your area, Jeff.

  • Jourles

    Hey Jeff, can't say that we do. We live in a pretty good neighborhood(neighborhood watch, picnics, outings - all paid for by the city). I think there might be one rental house about 8 houses down from us, but we're not sure. It's the only house that is not kept up as well as the rest in the area. These are also the same people who last July 4th decided it was a good idea to fire off a bunch of loud firecrackers while their baby was in a stroller not 5 feet away.

    But yeah, you usually can tell the homeowners apart from the renters in most cases. The homeowners keep their homes and landscaping up better than renters. What homeowner wouldn't? It helps keep the home values up. Renters are just paying for a place to live, nothing more. They are not building equity so who cares, right? (this is by no means a blanket statement, I've known quite a few people who have rented and take care of their place just as well as any homeowner would)

  • sinis

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  • Purza

    The renters who once lived across the street couldn't pay their electric/gas bill, so they decided to use a generator to power the house. The thing ran 24 hours a day. Finally enough of us called the city and they red tagged the place. The landlord had a painful time evicting them, but he finally got them out.

    Next set of renters (in that same house) lit the front of the house on fire with flames shooting out the front window and up the roof. Apparently someone was smoking on a couch they left on the front porch. They fixed the fire damage themselves so I don't even know if the landlord ever found out. It is now June and their christmas lights are still up. Yay!

    I am not saying all renters are bad, but homeowners that actually live in their homes seem to care a lot more for their property and the neighborhood. JMHO.


  • free2beme

    Renters, are just future owners in some cases. Meaning, I have problems with home owners who used to rent, as much as you have problems with renters. In the news awhile back, was a story of a man who was so tired of teenage boys crossing his property, that one day he went out and shot and killed on. His call too 911 was cold and heartless. Like saying, "yes, this is Mr. John Smith, I just shot a cat." He is on trial for murder now. Some people take things to such extreme. Renters are a pain though, they know they can leave at anytime and do not own anything to worry about.

  • troubled mind
    troubled mind

    We live in a fairly small rural town that prides itself as being Norman Rockwell like . Of course our street ended up being more like a ghetto look alike. The house across from us is a rental and we have witnessed the swat team called in to take down a threating man with a gun that lived there. Then the next people to live there started dealing drugs out of there , and their teenage son nearly died from alcohol poisoning. The other rental next door to us has had a run of alcoholics that for some reason like to beat on their cars with bats at 2 in the morning .We have had party goers from there actually walk into our home in drunken stupors !

  • sammielee24

    We live in a nice area - no problems with renters - we rent ourselves. On the other hand - the last house I owned was beside a rental. The owner was a slum landlord who had no problem letting the property go. There were holes in the eaves where squirrels nested and boards on the windows downstairs. He conned a disabled man and wife into living upstairs in the house and taking most of their measley monthly payment. A lot of renters are responsible - a lot aren't, but there are also a lot of landlords that take the monthly rent but do little else. sammieswife.

  • daniel-p

    If you want something done about I would suggest contacting the landlords, as they may not know to what extent their property is being trashed and causing problems for the neighbors.

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    eons ago - some days I feel like it is eons but actually it was back in 1972 we had a neighbor living upstairs from us. OMG her little boy about 5 yrs old was a holy terror in the neighborhood. He got into fights with everyone. Sometimes his mother came out and got into it. She actually held one child while telling her son to hit him. We had a lot of police visits because of them.

    Well one day I was at home with my new baby and babysitting my sister who was sitting in the lobby (on the stairs where she really shouldn't have been) with some friends. This little kid comes in and starts screaming for them to move. The girls move over but he wanted them gone and started yelling for them to move or he was going to get his bat.

    OK I heard enough and went out to tell the girls to come on in the apt. Before we got in, here comes this little 5 yr old sporting a huge wooden bat and he's waving it aound hoping to hit someone. Well I pushed in front of the girls and heard his mother at the top of the stairs screaming at him to bash those kids heads in.

    I knew, I just knew if I laid one hand on this kid she was going to fly down those stairs. But I couldn't exactly let him past me either. I grabbed the bat as he swung.

    Wrong move.

    Now I wasn't a tiny person. I am 5'6" tall and post baby I was probably about 150 lb. This woman was under 5 ' tall and probably weighed around 100 lbs.

    But OMG she could fly and punch. Doors opened and closed so fast. Someone called the police. It turned into a she said vs I said deal.

    We were able to make another complaint about her to the management and they gave her an eviction notice. Wrong move. She went into their office and trashed it

    But she was out of our building

    Needless to say moving to a new city where I didn't know the neighborhoods and pretty much had to take the first apartment I was offered I was scared to go back into a building.

    But I was lucky and got a great little place - little being the important word there.

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