Might go visit the New York crew

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  • ballistic

    Fly in on 10th July (JFK) for 3 nights to explore New York. But then my Amtrak train stops in New York on 17th where I stop for 1 night to get another train to Miami the next day.

  • NewYork44M

    I will be in NYC the same weekend 30-July 2. If you want to have a residents tour of Brooklyn Heights, Let me know. Or I could give you an insider's tour of Manhattan. Lots of really great restaurants,

  • Elsewhere

    Hell, any "insider tour" would be great! Just so you know I'm not into the whole clubbing scene, so I will not be interested in seeing any "dive" bars or any other such thing. Maybe some nice "hole in the wall" coffee shops or restaurants along with interesting old buildings and sights that are not on the usual "tourist trail"

    Here are some things I have on my mind...

    • "Ground Zero" of the World Trade Center
    • Empire State Building
    • Chrysler Building
    • Statue of Liberty
    • Brooklyn Bridge
    • Central Park
    • Time Square
    • A nice restaurant or two
    • Some museums... The Met, Guggenheim
    • Maybe go see a play or some other cultural event.
    • Go past the Watchtower Society so I can let them know they're "Number One" in my book.

    Everyone, please feel free to make additional suggestions!

  • ballistic

    I've just bought a book of all the things to do in New York. There's no way I'm going to get to do all of them.

  • Elsewhere

    Ok, it's official! My flight will leave DFW the evening of Thursday June 29th and I will return home the morning of Wednesday July 5th.

    I will have Five solid days to do things... Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday

    Looking back at the list I posted earlier... does anyone know of any of these things will require advance planning before I arrive in NY or can I simply show up at the location? Any tips on how to go to these places with as little fuss as possible? I want to make sure I do this right and any insider info you New Yorkers can provide will be greatly appreciated!

    If anyone has any thoughts on a play or some other cultural event we can go to, please let me know!

  • thecarpenter

    There are a lot of events that go on at that time.

    Lincoln Center (65th st on the westside) has a free evening outdoor salsa concert. Lots of people go there including a lot of JW young adults. (they don't have to know your status)

    http://www.lincolncenter.org/default.asp (check out Midsummer Night Swing on the list)

    You have to stop by South Street Seaport, it has free concerts, plenty of restaurants and a lovely view of the east river, Brooklyn bridge and of the Big Watchtower sign.


    • "Ground Zero" of the World Trade Center No Problems seeing
    • Empire State Building No Problems seeing
    • Chrysler Building No tours of the Chrysler Building (it is a private office building) you can only see from the outside
    • Statue of Liberty I think you have to purchase tickets online before hand (it is the 4th of July weekend... lots of visitors)
    • Brooklyn Bridge Great 4th of July show
    • Central Park Lots of events during the day and evening
    • Time Square Awesome at Night, plenty of great restaurants
    • A nice restaurant or two No Problem
    • Some museums... The Met, Guggenheim No Problems seeing
    • Maybe go see a play or some other cultural event.4th of July weekend... plenty of events
    • Go past the Watchtower Society so I can let them know they're "Number One" in my book. Bring eggs
  • NewYork44M

    I will be in lower Manhattan and Brooklyn Heights the whole weekend. I know the good chinese restaurants in chinatown and the good italian in little ltaly. There are some really neat things in lower manhattan if you want to do a walking tour. I am available Sat eve. I don't do the bar thing.

  • lonelysheep
  • "Ground Zero" of the World Trade Center
  • Elsewhere and Ballistic--I look forward to seeing you next month!

    There will be a lot of fireworks displays in the area, in addition to the big Macy's show.

  • Elsewhere

    Ok, here is the list of everyone who has replied with a desire to meet up:

    Mrs. Stevenyc
    Johnny Cip
    TheCarpenter (? Not sure if you said you can make it to a gathering)

    I will be arriving the evening of June 29th.

    I'd like to organize a Saturday Lunch since, I'm guessing, that everyone will be off work. Everyone, please reply to let me know how this works.

    Also, everyone who would like to meet up with me to go see the sights, please PM me with your contact information so we can make plans.

  • thecarpenter

    PM me, I'm coming from NJ

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