Watchtower admits Satanic roots

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  • free2beme

    Just shows the Watchtower was like any political group that slams one to lift themselves even higher.

  • heathen

    Yah Rutherford stated everything but the obvious ---- Russell was a satan worshipper . Of course he couldn't say that because it would run off some Russellites that were the backbone of the organization at the time . Makes sense when you think about the bottom line cha ching $

    Interesting topic there

  • tetrapod.sapien
    Watchtower admits Satanic roots

    damn. please don't tell me things about the WTS that make me like them more. i would like for them to remain the BAD GUY, please!



  • tetrapod.sapien

    i did hear that they dig jesus, and are into that old guy yhwh. now THAT makes me want to hurl!!



  • Leolaia

    Rutherford carried a smear campaign against elders because elders loyal to Russell's teachings or disliked Rutherford's interference in congregational affairs were withdrawing themselves and even congregations (then called "companies") from the Watchtower Society. It was not until the 1970s, I think, that elders were brought back and then only as bodies of elders reportable to the circuit and district overseers.

    Rutherford wrote at the time: "It is well known that every company that has withdrawn from the Society, and every person forming a part of any of these companies, has done so of his own volition. Ambitious and selfish leaders in little groups have led this company of opposers out....The total number of those who have withdrawn from the Society and now oppose its work is comparatively large, when such are taken all together" (Watchtower, 15 November 1930, pp. 241-242)

  • Gamaliel

    Sorry if someone has already posted this but does anyone have some good attendance/memorial numbers for the years from 1914 through the early Rutherford era? Are they accessible somewhere?

  • Leolaia

    I'm doubtful there are statistics of that quality so early. Much of the record-keeping structure was put into place by Rutherford later on. In the 1920s, there are stats on attendance at public meetings (i.e. including non-members), class meetings, as well as number of colporteurs, book sales, etc. Memorial stats are pretty elusive early on....likely due to the de-centralized nature of the Bible Student ecclesias...

  • press any key
    press any key

    Thanks for posting those scans, they're amazing. So Satan personally oversaw the building of the pyramids. Wished I known that when I was there. Would have looked for his initials carved in the rock.

    I didn't realise this was part of the big schism that went on back there. But makes sense, can see comments like that really p*ssing off the Russell faithful.

    Kind of stuffs the whole claim to divine inspiration doesn't it. When one president accuses the previous of being inspired by the dark side just to entrench his position.

    Swan: thanks, nice to be here

    Gerard: I don't think Russell was a satanist either, I just think it's bloody hilarious that Rutherford insinuated it



  • IP_SEC

    Very good work PAK. I knew of the pyramid thing but not the actual flip flop in print. This is a very damning change if ever I saw one.

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