Watchtower admits Satanic roots

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    press any key

    seems a bit extreme but read on

    We all know how fond Russell was of the pyramids and their various measurements. If not check out

    And then in 1928 when Rutherford was ditching Russells beliefs and the pyramids also had to go the Watchtower says

    *** Watchtower 1928 November 15 p.341 ***

    If the pyramid is not mentioned in the Bible, then following its teachings is being led by vain philosophy and false science and not following after Christ.

    but wait there's more, the Satanic part

    *** Watchtower 1928 November 15 p.344 ***

    It is more reasonable to conclude that the great pyramid of Gizeh, as well as the other pyramids thereabout, also the sphinx, were built by the rulers of Egypt and under the directions of Satan the Devil… Then Satan put his knowledge in dead stone, which may be called Satans’ Bible, and not God’s stone witness

    So Rutherford admits that the founder of his religion CT Russell formed an important foundation of the religion from reading quote "Satan's bible" unquote. A bit dramatic of him, and not repeated to my knowledge in any other Wts, but still a huge admission.

    If anyone has a scan of the above WT I would love to see it.

    kudos to quotes



  • luna2

    Yah, real interesting how Jehoobo happened to choose a group that was spouting pyramid nonsense, celebrated evil, worldly Christmas, and whose founder was apparently sucking at the teat of Satan, as his very own special people. Rutherford pretty much blasted that theory right out of the water with all of his changes and the criticisms of his predecessor...but somehow people swallowed it. Some of the crap he pulled was even worse and the dubs hardly even blinked.

    I guess people really are mostly sheep. As long as someone comes along who talks forcefully enough that they appear to have special knowledge or a vision or a plan, people will go trotting after them.

  • Atlantis
  • kid-A

    Rutherford became obsessed with divesting the organization of any Russellite vestiges. He was acutely aware of Russell's bizarre mystical pedigree including the fact that

    Russell originally derived his end-time calculations from pyramid measurements based on the pseudo-science of Pyramidology under the tutelage of "Professor" Piazzi Smyth, to whom Russell wrote an effusive and glowing letter of praise to in his "Thy Kingdom Come".

    Rutherford even went to the extremes of the beard ban and using beardless illustrations in many of his books of Adam, Jesus, etc etc. All likely attempts (perhaps subconsciously) to remove the Russell stamp from the borganization. In so many ways, these two men were polar opposites. Russell a mystical tea-totaller, soothsayer and self-proclaimed prophet who nevertheless was not hateful towards other religious groups, Rutherford a booze-hound, bombastic, controlling and xenophobic megalomaniac who despised "pagan" non-JWs as promoters of the "snare and racket".

  • Swan

    Welcome Press Any Key!

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  • Atlantis
  • Gerard

    Well, I doubt the WT have their roots in statanism but they certainly spend an obscene amout of time on demonology.

  • Forscher

    I agree with Kid A about what was going on there. Rutherford was trying to discredit Russell and take his place. Problem was that when many read that stuff in 1928 (it seems that he wrote alot more than that), he almost lost his shirt. I've seen claims that as much as half of the Bible Students still associated with the WTBTS separated from it after reading that and other stuff he published that year. Some of them formed the publishing concern called the Dawn, which is still around today.
    They, and those who left before when Rutherford first took over, were reviled as the "evil Slave" class, the "Haman" class, and just about every other insulting title the "Judge" could concieve of. The title of "Judge" sort of fits him well since about the only thing he did was judge everybody else and print tons of invective.

  • headmath

    Rutherford tried to clean up russels pyramid power cult but in his obsession he made the biggest blunder of his life in 1925 when the world did not end.

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