Assembly/Convention Likes and Dislikes

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  • KW13

    I really hated the long sessions without breaks and how the Brothers would say things, i think well aware that they'd get applause.

    "so bro's and sisters....don't you...bla bla bla?" **INSERT LOTS OF CLAPPING**

  • loosie

    Well when I was a kid I liked the

    When I got older I liked volunteering...why...because I got leave my seat early...and scout the place for men.

    I didn't like the long days.

    I didn't like trying to stay awake during the boring talks.

  • kls

    All it ever was was a big pain in the ass. Get ready ,drive there , sit there and look like you were happy to be there, sit and listen to all the BS and see all the busy jws act like the cared what the talks were about,then try not to fall asleep.

    Really , i can't think of one thing that i liked but can think only of everything that i only disliked.

    I was a bad jw

  • blondie

    I used to like:

    cheese danishes

    apple danishes

    black coffee

    vanilla pudding

    chocolate pudding

    roast beef sandwiches

    selling food tickets (remember that?)

    making sandwiches (got in at 7 am and could save seats before everyone else; then we had to wait until everyone else got let in but we could still get to the primo seats first)

    After the food arrangment ended.........the good things ended


    Uncomfortable seats

    Never sit on the end of a row with a family of 5 kids who have been slugging down sodas before the session

    Suggestions for those that must go:

    Bring a little battery fan in case the AC malfunctions (or is turned off to save money)

    Bring your own water and feel free to drink during the session

    So you can go to the restroom during the session (be sure to sit in the middle so you can crawl over the "friends")

    Bring a battery operated radio/tape player and earphones; while making it look like you are taping, listen to your favorite channel (try not to hum along though)(if you have knowledge of more sophisticated equipment, like MP3s, go for it)

    Check and see if you can pick up the sound in your van/car/RV and sit out there, don't listen, just tell people you could.

    Eat during the session, if anyone complains, tell them you're diabetic and will pass out unless you do.

    Remember to wear comfortable shoes.

    Women bring a sweater just in case they do crank up the AC.

    Leave the session early so you can be first in the pool and can avoid the traffic rush. Say your own prayer on the way to the car and play a kingdom tape.


    Everything else

    Blondie (5 years of no meetings...including conventions)

  • KW13

    i'll bear all those things in mind blondie

  • Fleshybirdfodder

    I agree with Blondie, when I was a kid all I had was pudding and danishes and chocolate milk for breakfast, then I was so bloody wired I couldn't sit still during those facinating dissertations on the book of Chronicles. I must have been one of those odd five year olds. I hated the last talk when the palms of your hands were red from clapping at all the self-congratulatory crap about how wonderful the society is. Those talks were always overtime.

    My favourite part? The amen of the last prayer. It's finally over!!!!

  • Purza

    We realized the conventions started this weekend when my friend who lives near a convention site said that she must have seen 100 JWs in Safeway around 8 a.m. And another group in Starbucks at 8:30.

    Yesterday we went to a vineyard and tasted the best Cabernet Sauvignon. When we were leaving I said -- now where would you rather be -- here tasting wine or sitting all day at the convention. The answer was a no brainer.

    That being said, I cannot recall one thing I liked about the convention -- it was a total exhausting experience.


  • aoxo

    i liked to watch the inapropriately dressed sisters hug each other. it gave me naughty lesbian fantasies. i also liked the last prayer because i knew that i was that much closer to getting home and ummm... using the bathroom...

    i didn't like the lunch breaks, they were too long and i wanted to hurry up and get home.

  • luna2

    In the early days of my dubdom the conventions were sort of exciting. We didn't have to worry about making breakfast or packing a lunch because they were still serving food, such as it was, and I was still under the illusion that something of vast importance might be said. It was kind of a challenge to keep the kids occupied and I had a good number of friends to pass the time with and share mothering duties with. There was a feeling of comraderie to the thing that I enjoyed. After the long, hot days of sitting there trying to pay attention, some of us would race home and go to the public pool for an hour. Just looking forward to that helped get us through the day sometimes.

    What I didn't realize until later was that it was those friendships that made being a JW special back then. It was like belonging to a social club with the added oomph of thinking that we were god's special people. A lot of those friendships developed because many of us single sisters had kids the same age. Once the kids got older, things started to change (there's a different dynamic when the kids become teens). When we moved to another part of the country and there were few close friendships, dubbery became pretty dull.

    As time went on, I realized that most of the DC material was just repetition and dramatics...a pep rally more or less. When we had to start packing lunches and making sure we ate breakfast before we left; when we moved and the new convention site was a windowless arena, it began to be a real chore. When I couldn't find anything that I liked about the conventions (or being a dub) anymore, I had to stop. It was such a relief!

  • Mary

    I always enjoyed hearing the last "Amen" on Sunday afternoon at 5:00 o'clock.

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