JW spotted at 1:00...

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  • AudeSapere

    I think we were trained for this game while still in the org. We were always on the look out for other witnesses where ever we went.

    On a ski trip back in the early/mid 80's there was a group in the same warming hut as we were. (About 8 or 10 us and about 4 or 6 of them.) Finally my roommate got up the nerve to ask - but she didn't want to ask straight out if they were Jehovah's witnesses. Just in case they weren't, she didn't want to pegged as one herself, I guess. So, instead, she asked one of the guys if he knew 'Fred Franz'.

    He quickly responded: "No. uh uh. Not me," very abruptly and he quickly turned away.

    The guy paused a minute, and then said: "Wait, did you say 'Fred' Franz?" "Yes." "OH!! I thought you were talking about 'Ray Franz'...!"

    They had a good laugh but someone had to explain it to me at the time.

    Yup. Even in ski gear, you can spot 'em.


  • Bstndance

    Last Saturday I thought I saw some, but then I concluded after spying it was just a family going out to eat after a wedding. Guess they weren't invited to the reception.

  • carla

    I thought they met at the hall to get together for the fs. You mean they meet up at a local resturant and leave their cars there for a couple hours?! how rude.

    Even I have jwradar now, my daughter and I will be in the car and see some people walking and she will ask, 'mormons or jw's?' , the mormons always have white shirts and look happy, the jw's rarely hit the 'public' areas of town, mostly subdivisions. The only time I saw some in the more 'public' areas of town they were in a car. Why? when the houses are only about 10ft from each other?

  • TheListener


    They either meet at the KH or someone's home. The restaurant thing is for afterwards. Unless they're bad little dubbies and skip out on service after the meeting to eat. Lots of times when you're in service you make plans to meet up afterwards to eat or something. Of course it's the "something" that lands you before the elders with the 7/15/06 WT in their hands.

    I will add that some dubs have been known to drop their cars off in a parking lot and ride with the others for awhile. But, it's not the normal plan.

  • greendawn

    They give off some kind of strange aura around them which let's us know that they are plastic people, they have no dignity after accepting the dictatorship of the FDS and no fixed status after going out of the new covenent for not being part of the "anointed", they do not participate in the body and blood of Christ.

  • Jim_TX

    Today at lunch, my gf and I went to a local Wendy's. While standing in line, I tend to size-up people, trying to figure out what they do for a living, etc.

    There was this one lady in line... she was elderly... (heck... nowadays, I qualify for that term, I suppose) and was dressed in a dress with a print pattern. It was longish (almost down to her ankles), but nice looking. She was wearing hose... and flat sandle-like shoes.

    I watched her for a bit... she seemed to have that 'familiar' (although it's fading - finally) look about her... that said 'JW'. I watched, and listened as she ordered her lunch. She had a purse that qualifies ... as a 'bookbag'. You gals know what I'm talking about... big enough to carry literature, and open on top.

    As she was standing, waiting for her grub, I happened to see into her bag, and ... yup... there was one of those brown-ish, or black books... looked like a bible.

    After she was out of earshot, I told my gf... "Look. That gal is a Jehovah's Witness."

    She asked me "How do you know?"

    I said, "She has that 'look'. Plus, I saw her bible in her bag."

    She is probably a 'pioneer'... or somesuch... it was around noon, and she looked like she was 'working' solo.

    Poor thing... it was a hot day today... she's out there door-knocking... in this hot weather... not a very fun thing to be doing.

    While munching my burger, I pondered folks like her... up in years now... getting close to retirement age...

    Oh well.


    Jim TX

  • stevenyc

    Here at bethel city, I've even taught my friends how to spot them. Their getting pretty good at it too.


  • itsallgoodnow

    You never know. Could have been a group of people going to lunch after a long day at church. It probably depends on if there were teens or kids and how they are dressed.

  • Jim_TX

    "Could have been a group of people going to lunch after a long day at church."

    I usually try to take this into account when analyzing the 'data'. I don't automatically jump to the 'JW' conclusion.

    "It probably depends on if there were teens or kids and how they are dressed."

    They were ALL teens... some pre-teen... but no 'adults' in the group (well... certainly no one over about 22 or so.)

    I know that JWs aren't the only ones where gals wear dresses... Protestants do too... but... it was just their 'manner'... they all 'hovered' in the parking lot of the Pizza Hut... all hugged their 'goodbyes'... as if they were going to leave in their seperate cars and go their seperate ways.

    Then... they all disappeared... in one vehicle. Strange - if not JWs... explainable - if JWs.


    Jim TX

  • Jourles
    Just look for the overly dressed individuals in the crowd.

    And the women in flower print dresses that extend below the knees. I've noticed about JW women these things: Flowered dresses, ankle length at least, absolutely no pant-suits, rarely tan, not overly stylish with hair and makeup(unless they are from Dallas). Plus they just have that look in their eyes. Can't explain the 'look,' but everyone here knows it. It might be a "I'm so happy, I'll get to live in paradise and none of these other people won't" look. Yeah, that's it.

    The men are a little more difficult, especially the younger ones. I've noticed that a lot of younger guys tend to want to dress toward the more "worldly" trends. They want to be JW's, but they don't want that typical JW look because their friends from school might hassle them later.

    Aude brought up the skiing example. Here is one that is really tough. I've been skiing on just about every Christmas day for as long as I can remember. That is typically the big JW day for skiing. If you know of any JW's that ski, then you know that this is the one single day of the year that you can expect huge JW crowds out on the slopes. Here again, I've noticed that the younger JW males will definitely follow the "worldly" trends in skiwear. It is the one place where they can get away with looking like all the other guys - esp the snowboarders. This is probably why there are more younger JW snowboarders than skiers - the clothing they can wear and the "image" they get to portray, namely the rebellious image. But back home they can't dress in this fashion. Hell, that is what I thought when I was a JW. I didn't want to snowboard for THAT EXACT REASON. I honestly felt that I would outwardly appear to be a better jw if I was a skier rather than a snowboarder. How whacked was that?

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