July 15 2006 WT - Uncleanness - disfellowshp?- details

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  • peacefulpete

    This article gives further license for imposing many more personal views on the congregations, with even greater emotional abuse ensuing. What is soft porn vs. hard porn? What is greediness? What are sexually explicit phone calls? If physical displays of affection can't be labeled "loose conduct" nor "fornication" nor do they show a "brazeness" they might still be DFd if the Elders are prudes or have it in the the people by simply saying it was done with "a measure of greediness". Notice the article said that the number of times something was done, even the response to the Elders reprimands are not what is important, what is important is the conclusions about "intent and motive" the Elders draw. Very scary stuff.

  • lawrence

    Guess I'll have to stop the telephone sex, if I want to make elder after the come back. BTW, I'd love to hear about the chatter in the congos based on these rules.

  • eyeslice

    Hi BluesBrother,
    Read the article myself the other day.
    What on earth are they talking about - "nor is it a case of deciding mathematically...."?? What a load of rubbish - these guys can't even write a decent, well put together paragraph!
    What the article does show is that the WTB&TS still love to spell out in minute detail what they consider to be right and wrong. So nuch for not going beyond the things written.
    Worst thing is, elders will be digging out this article and looking at the 'letter of the WTB&TS law' before judicial hearings. They rarely see the real person on these occassions; only what the Watchtower says.

  • BritBoy

    While at Bethel ,GB Member Gerrit Losch always talked candidly during morning worship about petting and stuff. Would not be surprised if this was his article.

    What I learnt QUICKLY at Bethel was, if a particular elder had issue with a particular practice, it was usually because they were guilty of this VERY "sin" and projected their guilt onto the masses.

    One brother in particular springs to mind. He used to harp ON AND ON AND ON about adultry. It was his BIG thing. So much so that when I (gay little old me) became really good friends with an International Servant couple serving at the South African Bethel, he repeatedly called me into his office and used to GRILL me about my relationship with the wife. She was 20+ years my senior and it was so obvious there was no sexual anything between us. He continued with this almost on a daily basis. Everytime he saw me he would raise it as an issue. He was convinced I would end up commiting fornication with her... despite her husband ALWAYS being with us. Despite the age gap. Despite the FACT that I made it VERY clear nothing was going to happen and nothing ever would, he banged on and on and on. He was the straw that broke the camels back for me and I resigned from Bethel... you see what happened to this Bethel Elder was that he was married, worked on the window manufactoring team and was caught SHAGGING the blonde married sister on his team when we were all at lunch. This had been going on for some time! The hypocritical BASTARD. Anyway, I should thank him for being the one to help me see the light!

  • Honesty
    Everything about the WT's shunning protocol is twisted and demonic.

    Including every one of their doctrines. They haven't got a single one right in almost 130 years.


  • DannyHaszard
    Eight Marks of a deadly Mind Control Cult applied to Jehovah's Witnesses
    # 3 Demand for Purity

    The world is depicted as black and white, with little room for making personal decisions based on a trained conscience. One's conduct is modeled after the ideology of the group, as taught in its literature. People and organizations are pictured as either good or evil, depending on their relationship to the cult. Universal tendencies of guilt and shame are used to control individuals, even after they leave. There is great difficulty in understanding the complexities of human morality, since everything is polarized and oversimplified. All things classified as evil are to be avoided, and purity is attainable through immersion into the cult's ideology.

  • itsallgoodnow

    they don't still believe smoking is spiritism? I guess i missed that one.

    yeah, the shunning concept is such a backwards way of controlling everyone. I don't know how they have been able to get away with this practice for so long.

  • ?me?

    notice in the final paragraphs how ALL the pressure to make the right call is put on the local brothers that are "judging", thus not stating that they will be in big trouble with the wts and the co if they are deemed to be "too easy" on the sinner. no mention is made that they better follow the direct instructions written and spoke to them in private.

    also the language is soooooo vague and ambiguous when they speak of senario's and what if's

    why is the smoker a "baptized BOY"(not just a brother or sister) and what is smoking a few in a short time, what is deemed frequent? etc. why is the messing around between an engaged couple and not friends or other relationships?

    all it does is give the local boe the right to throw the book at troublemakers, and let the favored ones slide. they always try to say something without actually saying it.

    i guess i am still in favor of keeping it to myself and waiting out the statue of limitations

  • What-A-Coincidence

    and you wonder why Elders are leaving left and right???

    Some elders in my congregation:

    One drank heavily and commiitted suicide

    One faded away into the sunset

    One stepped down cause his son committed the deed

    Freakin' burden I tell you !!!

    Mind you ... the arses who write and approve (including GB members) this trash are more than likely NOT INVOLVED in these committees. They would proabably be asked by the PO in their hall to handle x situation and they will say, sorry I am at Bethel and Bethel is priority plus my assignment does not allow me to handle congregation activities. Bastards!

    I would want have a Bethelite ask a GB member how many committees they have been in recently.

  • Leolaia

    Unbelievable. The era of porneia speculation is back!

    I am particularly stunned by the soft-core vs. hard-core porn distinction. I'm pretty sure next year there will be a volume out there somewhere with an elder's handwritten notes about exactly which kind of porn is a disfellowshippable offense.... topless pics okay for reproof, Playboy centerfolds require reproof if offender is especially repentent, Hustler pics only reproof material if not showing any "action", porn depicting B/S/M, homoerotic, oral, etc. instant disfellowshippable offense, etc.

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