Feeling like I was played

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  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    This has been bugging me so I am putting it out there.

    This morning at 10:21 am I got a PM asking me to

    read this and see if you can guess who it is

    The message contained info someone posted, somewhere, who sounded like they were having a hard time - not suicidal, just a hard time dealing with feelings.

    My reply was to the effect that many here could fall into that category and just recommend they see a DR. I assumed they were referring to a person on JWD.

    Messages went back and forth for almost 4 hrs before I was given the information that this was a person on another board!! I finally got this info after many PMs of asking what the URL was.

    When I suggested that the person PMing me contact the admin on that board and the police in her area I was told

    What a cop out.

    Seemed someone was more interested in wawatching me do somersaults to get the hinted at info.

    I am all for helping people. And if I had received a PM that said:

    "I've been posting on another board and someone needs help and was wondering if you could check it out. Here's the URL"

    I would have taken a look.

    But to ask several times for the URL and keep getting "hints" and then not taking this seriously after almost 4 hours of back and forth shows an utter lack of real care for the person needing help and for anything I might have done to offer help.

    I don't like being played.

    BTW: The person needing help has been contacted

  • freedomlover

    makes me wonder what the PMer's REAL intention was.

    did they REALLY want to help this person or did they like the tantilzing secret info. they had??

    I agree. they could have handled it better if they were really worried about this person.

  • luna2

    How very odd. I think I'd be feeling fairly annoyed and played too.

  • AudeSapere

    A waste of precious hours.

    Yours and the person who actually may have needed help.

    I think some people enjoy the drama. It's a sickness to some, it seems.


  • wednesday


    You are a good and decent person, and would I'm sure extend help to anyone in need. There seems to be a few "dama queens" out and about who just like to play with people. Sometimes having the 911 service from their town show up and knock down their door will bring them to their senses.

    One person cannot do everything. We are all here, and many of us have had some training to help suicidal persons. I have and scully has (she is a nurse), and I know most any mature person lhere would help. Even those who did not know what to do would probalby locate help.

    you are not out on a limb by yourself. The team is here.

    we love you.

    you are a good kind loving soul

  • Farkel

    My Lady,

    : am all for helping people.

    :"No good deed goes unpunished" - Mark Twain ( I'm sure someone else said that first 3,000,000 years ago!)

    Farkel, of the generally doing the good deed Class, who's been violated up the place where the sun don't shine (figuratively) by the really evil people (who don't think they are evil people, but are) who are just wicked, evil and disgusting people, Class.

    This is all "Bible-Based". Somewhere. :)


  • gumby

    If it's the board I'm thinking it is, the behavior wouldn't surprise me one damn bit.


  • bebu

    UGH!!! LL, that kind of toying doesn't belie real concern for someone who is supposedly in a crisis. You were definitely played.

    (BTW...I'm wondering if more than one account was deleted today. It would make sense to me if it did...)

    Gumball, the board isn't another ex-jw/ jw one, if that's what you were thinking.


  • LittleToe

    If it's the Usernames I think it is, then it looks like someone jumping on an issue and giving it a perverted twist. From the style of writing and methodology I think they need psychological assistance (maybe even psychiatric)! Over the last few days I've exchanged about a dozen PM with the joker!

    Which once again shows that ya don't always see what's going on from just looking at what's posted on the public forums...

  • ballistic

    Yes, a kind of perverted twist in their behaviour. I wonder how people like that end up. Bitter and twisted or just permanently sedated in a high security psychiatric ward.

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