info on the new 192 page publication LIVE WITH JEHOVAH'S DAY IN MIND

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  • candidlynuts

    so churchgoers live "how they please , waiting to go to heaven" ? that sentence would have been offensive to me even as a witness.

    because even as a witness, i seen the good works a lot of non witness people do. i was helped by a catholic church when i was in need. no help from the witnesses ever was even offered.. even though the elders of the congregation i attended ALL MY LIFE knew i was living without heat and struggling to live on a part time job minimum wage. ( less than 400 dollars a month) after i started living in another town and have come to see how much effort volunteers of CHURCHGOERS helps a lot of people i see how worthless 10 hours a month volunteering to place watchtowers is. by their works you will know them i guess.

    this just irritates me and fires up my old anger all over again.

    wish i was a good writer..i'd write an article " What Jehovah's Witnesses REALLY think about their neighbors"

  • Sunnygal41

    You tell 'em Candid!!! LOL! I was in the same situation, actually my mom and me and my sis, and they didn't do anything for us either. In fact, one brother wanted to take us in and let us live in his basement, you know what the elders told him..........don't get involved, if you do, we will DF you. WTF????


  • fullofdoubtnow

    Studying the revelation book again? I find that hard to believe. The new book won't contain anything new either, just recycled bs.

  • blondie

    The Revelation Climax book was published in 1988, 18 years ago, and there are sections that are no longer current. I can see them printing a revised version as they did the Worship book, softcover to be sure.


  • cabasilas

    My ignorance is showing...

    what are the subjects they'd need to revise?

  • silentWatcher

    the Revelation -- Grand Climax book is 18 years old. WTF? I feel old :-( I wonder if the Harlot (Bablyon the Great) will age in the reprint. Wasn't the Revelation Book an update for the "Finished Mystery" book? In Finished Mystery, the harlot was pretty young. In Revalation -- Grand Climax, she was looking a tad worn. In Revelation -- Even Grander Climax at Hand (to be published in 2007), I bet Bablyon will have gray hair and a walker. :-) BTW - in 2034, I predict they will be yet another reprint, entitled "Revelation -- Earth-moving, leaves you gasping, climax at Hand".

  • heathen

    LOL ... Yah let's have our own study of the Revelation book and go over parts the WTBTS made mistakes on . I read it back when it came out so not fresh in my mind , I do know there are parts that are wrong tho... I think we can start with 607 bce and the gentile times part ............360 day year prophetic calendar .................

    [email protected] --- Yah the climax that just keeps on climaxing ...............

  • Nosferatu

    The WTS seems to be creating a "Last Days" hype, so I wouldn't be surprised if they studied "Revelation: It's New and Improved Climax". However, it wouldn't surprise me if some JWs are saying that they'll be studying the Revelation book because of the "Last Days" hype.

  • candidlynuts


    only those watching will have seen it occur.... (ya know.. like jesus becoming king in 1914....only those watching see him in power now!)

  • fleaman uk
    fleaman uk

    I overheard some sister say this publication would probably be studies after the Revelation book.

    What everyone else has said!I cant believe they are doing this again..the whole book can only be appreciated by smoking some "good stuff"as im sure John did when he wrote Revelation.

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