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  • MsMcDucket
    Go natural? What is that stuff? Hooch? Swamp water? Alligator piss?

    Yeah! Looks like it'll make me sicker than a broke-dick dog! I think that I will pass that one on.

    I work nights Unc. Hopefully, I'll be better by noon or I'm going to have to call in.

  • unclebruce

    Now listen up girls - while the Doc's away I'm in charge of his medicine bag. Open wide ... glug glug .. there I bet you're feeling better already



    I'll just leave this pad and pencil by the bed MsMcDucket .. if you have any more of those Stephen King dreams wake up to yourself & and take notes

  • Leolaia

    Last week I dreamt I had died and went to "the other side" and tried to communicate with my loved ones, interact with this world, even try to post here...without success. Then an hour later, I had the same dream again. I woke up pretty affected, cause it seemed to real.

    Later that day I figured out why I had that dream. As I was falling asleep that night, I was thinking in my mind of sentences that were either non sequiters or which no one could ever use felicitously, and thought of "I had died" as one, but rejected it in cases of NDEs and revived individuals. That was practically my last thought before going to sleep, hence my dream.

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