Just finished reading "The Discoveries of Barbara Anderson"

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  • under_believer

    What an eye-opener this book was. Go to this thread to read it yourself. What an amazing experience! Her tone is much like Franz' was in Crisis of Conscience: no bitterness, no recriminations, just a factual retelling of events. I wanted to get my random, stream-of-consciousness observations out into the open before I forget them, so here they are:

    • Ted Jaracz is the biggest dick in the history of the universe. See Mt 24:48-51 . See also O'Brien.
    • I am thinking of asking the elders in my hall whether there are any accused child molesters who attend regularly. This is a big step and will set off alarm bells, so it is not to be taken lightly. However, this single issue more than any other is more likely to be one that my still-believing wife identifies with.
    • Theocratic Warfare is apparently alive and well at Brooklyn Bethel in this 21st Century, all the way to the top of the command structure.
    • Why, oh God why, is the reputation of the Organization the very first number one priority of every man, woman, and child who calls themselves Jehovah's Witnesses? Even Barbara felt this way while she was still in--it's clearly some kind of institutional malaise. Why? Why isn't truth more important? Why isn't love more important?
    Anderson's testimony is heartfelt, verifiable, and utterly damning. It is impossible to read it and not become outraged, especially if you're a parent or have suffered abuse in the past. Even with all my "independent thinking," even though I am no longer a believer, I didn't realize how bad things really were. If you haven't read this document, now is the time to do it. You'll be glad you did.
  • Dismembered

    Greetings under_believer

    Does Barbara rock or what?


  • Forscher

    I enjoyed reading it as well. There were all kinds of historical tibids that were something else.

  • Blueblades

    It is an eye-opener and should be read by the local brothers and sisters. The society is not what it wants people to think it is. Barbara and her husband Joe are no longer silent lambs. They have blown the whistle loud and clear.


  • Lady Liberty
    Lady Liberty

    I agree with you Under_Believer!!

    Barbara has exposed the proceedure for these sick individulas who are and have been hidden behind the curtain for years. And all of this at the personal expence of her only child and only grandson. She is a Hero! And my hats go off to not only her, but her loving husband who has supported her in exposing all of this. I hope one day she writes a book.


    Lady Liberty

  • wednesday

    I was just stunned by some of what she said.. The one question I had, the database that I thought Barabara had and gave to Bill, when did she get it? I dont' see that info anywhere? also barbara was ther slighyl afterht big apostate thgn ofthe early 80's . she says nothing about it or ray franz

    It was an incredible read and I was so happy to see that there were people at Bethel that really do care about the rest of us and were trying to make changes. I wonder if anyone is quietly trying to make changes now? is there another barbara up there? They are their own worst enemies..I was equally sickened to see who was stopping them(GB). All b/c they don't want to appear as an org that has any problems. no org is problem free. the fact they try to claim that tells anyone clearly they are hiding stuff.

    charles taze russel was not the first pres of wts. what an interesting find. the picof rutherford ina swimsuit apaearign drunk wow

    rutherford threw out in the street wts first atty. for calling him a drunk and abusing people Mrs russel was not how jws protray her, (a womens libber) her hubby had a few problems.

    that was very good, I would like to hear more.

    I feel very bad that her son places the wts above his own mother.

  • AndersonsInfo

    As far as I know, Bill Bowen was never given a copy of the WT's child sexual abuse database by anyone, and I never had access to any such thing. I didn't discuss it in my story because it is Bill's story. What I do know is that after Bill resigned his position as elder over the WT's child sexual abuse policies, on two occasions, certain people contacted Bill and said that the Society had such a database. They provided information to Bill which appeared credible to him. Incidentally, the Society has never denied that such a database exists. If you want more information about this subject, email Bill -- [email protected]
    My husband and I arrived at Bethel in 1982 after the Franz episode had quieted down and we don't remember hardly a soul talking about him. One time when Joe was walking to work with another Bethelite the man observed that of all the GB, Ray Franz was the kindest and most friendly. All the time we were at Bethel and knowing the way the organization operated, neither Joe nor I ever asked any questions about Ray and no one volunteered any information about the 1980 Franz debacle. I wish now I had asked certain staff members in Writing about Franz, but I never gave it any thought. We just bought the Society's side of the story "hook line and sinker" that Franz was an "apostate." Asking too many questions about certain subjects at Bethel is not something a Bethelite wants to do if h/she wants to remain there.
    I doubt that there is "another Barbara" at Bethel now because woman are no longer entrusted with any "sensitive" material or are in any "sensitive" jobs. All of that changed because of my going public.

  • Kaput
    All of that changed because of my going public.

    Way to go, Barbara!!!

  • katiekitten

    Thank you. I will read this book. I hadnt heard of it until now.

    Why, oh God why, is the reputation of the Organization the very first number one priority of every man, woman, and child who calls themselves Jehovah's Witnesses?

    Good question. I remember feeling ACUTELY this point all the time. Everything I did I felt reflected on Jehovah. If I crossed the road when the lights were still red I thought I was "giving a BAD WITNESS".

    Once in my life, when I was still a dub and married, I went to a counsellor because I had such a hangup about sex it was making me suecidal. My doctor referred me to a psychologist. I told her everything EXCEPT the fact that I was a Jehoobers Witless. I thought it would give a bad witness if a Jehoobers Witless was known to the therapist to be having therapy.

    Naturally nothing got resolved because I was holding back what I now believe to be the root of the problem (oddly since I left sex has been great).

    The MAIN thought in my mind every session was "dont give a bad witness"! It was hardly conducive to healing.

  • AndersonsInfo

    My story is not a book "yet." The 24-page memoir can be found at:
    Scroll down 15 posts and you will see that fellow JWD poster, elsewhere, put "Discoveries" on pdf format so it's easy to access.
    If what I wrote about our personal experiences at Bethel can help anybody to break free from the Utopian dream nonsense that Watchtower has paraded as truth, it was worth all the time and effort that it took to write. Joe and I appreciate all the support and encouragement given to us to continue to share more of our discoveries.

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