Friday District Convention notes: Control, control, control

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  • What-A-Coincidence
    we need to follow direction, if we were told to use a 1" paint brush, then we need to use the 1"paint brush! So don't ask questions Brothers, just do what you are told!"

    Bunch of b.s. When I was in Bethel, the overseers in my department asked us if we had suggestions or advice with regards to procedures.

    In the olden days at bethel you were never suppose to suggest anything cause they would say we more than likely have already tried that so don't bother asking. Stupid reasoning. It was later on, with newer overseers that needed to produce #'s that now invited suggestions and advice. I was happy that I was listened to and they changed some procedures in the dept. that I worked in.

    Shoot. The apostles asked questions for Godsake!

    WAC - Of the I WILL ASK class

  • Highlander

    Shoot. The apostles asked questions for Godsake!

    Excellent point! When the apostles asked questions or had doubts, Jesus didn't yell at them to use a 1 inch paint brush on the quick build tabernacle.

    Jesus being perfect and the son of god, could have expected complete and total submission, but he didn't.

    Yet the Wacktower thinks they are infallible and deserving of a blind obedience.

    Ridiculous I say!!

  • cruzanheart

    Serendipity, I am so sorry that you have to endure the FW Convention Center! Ah, the memories: the 1-hour drive, the way the "brothers" managed to make that great big building incredibly stuffy and warm (except, of course, in Administration, where the IMPORTANT people got to hang -- there's plenty of air conditioning in THERE), the incredibly boring talks, the dirty looks if the babies got restless, the incredibly smelly bathrooms and Mother's Room, and then a hot 1-hour drive back home. Such a waste of a lovely city. I really like Ft. Worth. They have a much more interesting downtown than Dallas.



  • jgnat
    Step 2: Keep your eyes on the platform, avoid being distracted.

    Follow that poor advice and this is what happens:

  • Odrade

    Memorial Coliseum. Weird, huh?

  • gumby
    Would you believe that this 20 minute talk was solely about being attentive to the program? Literally, there were 4 steps given to be attentive to Jehovah's provisions.

    You know why? Because people have a hard time paying attention to bullshit. This mind controlling Organisation aways has to remind it's members of how they are to act before they get to a convention, while they are there, and how to act when they leave. Before a convention one has to listen to the 4 page insert in the KM on convention instructions. On memorial night, half or two thirds of the talk is based on who isn't to partake. No bible meat, just instructions and controlling you in every program they have that's supposedly ...Bible Based. JW's would have made great Israelites wandering in the desert under law, but they suck at being christians. They thrive on laws. Gumby Gumby

  • BecauseImBroken

    I went last weekend, in Florida, all 3 days. Mainly because I wanted to parade around and say hello to all these people who I hadn't seen in a LONG time since I moved to Georgia, and then have them hear at the Wednesday meeting the following week that I have been DF'ed. It was a very usualy convention...the same info passed in different words. BORING. The drama needs to have some real acting...some guns...something...I was moved to spending most of my time walking outside the building and talking. And going out to dinner with the brothers, as if I was in some sort of good standing. HAHA.

    again!. I hated that.

  • dinah

    That why don't they put knobs on their butts thing FLOORED ME!!!!! OMG, when I catch my breath I'll read the rest of the thread. HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!!

  • dinah

    Almost makes me want to go to see how the rank and file are taking this.

  • jojochan
    jojochan's THAT time of year again...I forgot....zzzzz.......

    And yes; out of respect I'll have to take my gramma this year too. But only for sunday, thanks for the heads up on the program though.


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