SECTRET DOCUMENTS: Talk Outlines for 2006 District Convention

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  • Elsewhere

    Thanks to an anonymous source we are now able to see two of the talk outlines for this years Deliverance at Hand District Convention.

    Talk No. 8: Deliverance From Painful Distress

    Talk No. 25: Manifest Christian Dignity at all Times

    In addition to this, you can also read the District Convention Talk Instructions that are given to all of the speakers:

  • TheListener

    Excellent! Thanks anonymous person and you too Elsewhere.

  • DannyHaszard

    Thanks for the heads up.

    Deliverance From Painful Distress

    Watchtower writers tell us all about 1975 --"Staying Alive Until 1975" My Story of Growing Up JW with Severe Ulcerative Colitis

  • Elsewhere

    Don't forget to review the District Convention Operations Manual!

  • What-A-Coincidence

    lol at else above

  • jstalin

    Are you down? Are you unhappy? Good! Because Jehovah will destroy you for wearing revealing clothes!

    It's unbelievable how they appeal to depression and fear.

  • Honesty

    Talk No. 8: Deliverance From Painful Distress

    This one should be a BIG HIT with the publishers cuz most of them have a lot of painful distress. I know I did.

  • hartstrings

    Oh man, I think I'm going to chuck:

    From the Manual:

    Use of Sisters

    Good judgment should be exercised in using sisters in departments and offices where their

    husbands are located. Neither the Convention Committee nor the department overseers

    should give their wives a work assignment where they would be supervising or directing

    others. There is no objection if the wives work in the same department with their husbands,

    providing their assignments are in keeping with what is stated here.

    How in the world did I stay in this crappola for so long??? How could I have been so duped. Reading this makes me feel so gross and powerless inside.


  • hartstrings

    It is good to send thank-you letters to companies, city departments, management, building

    personnel, and so forth, who gave outstanding service on behalf of the convention. However,

    it is not recommended that thank-you letters be sent to volunteers, whether they have a

    large or small assignment. Appreciation can be expressed to them personally as we work

    with them or as part of other correspondence. Sending official thank-you letters can become

    burdensome, since they come to be expected by those receiving them and can cause hurt to

    others who do not. Of course, the committee may occasionally wish to send an official expression

    of appreciation for an outstanding or unusual contribution of goods or services

    made by a brother or sister.

    Here is just a small example of why outsiders have a very different perception of what insiders do. I know there are much larger examples, but little PR things like this make others THINK that JWs are these wonderful loving people. But those on the inside who sacrafice so much aren't even worth a thank you note - too expensive and time consuming, ya know.

  • AlmostAtheist

    At least the talk has some honesty to it:

    "Will prayer change the outcome of your affliction? It may"

    Maybe, maybe not. We're not telling you you're gonna wanna count on Jehovah, but it can't hurt to ask, right?


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