Supernatural experiences

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  • Highlander

    I have had dreams where one dead relative tells me they are waiting for another living relative to go to be with them - and then the living one dies unexpectantly

    I've had the 'death' dreams on many occasions. I'm not sure what to call it, whether it's just merely intuition, or something more, I'll probably never know.

  • heathen

    absolutely have seen spirits and the like . No question in my mind it was real . I've seen stuff to this day not exactly sure what it was but it was enormous and fell from the sky and went threw the ground like two beams of light . The size of a 20 story building while I was driving down a highway with a friend who saw nothing .

  • penny2

    I lived next door to a medium. There was a very thin wall that separated us. A group met there and they "contacted the dead" on a frequent basis. It was very loud and I overhead the whole thing on many occasions. The noise was coming from the mouths of the people present, not from any other source.

    She told me there were many spirits present in her home and there would be some in mine as well. She said not to be afraid but if they gave me any trouble, to let her know.

    I never had any supernatural experiences or heard any noises which I couldn't explain. I'm a skeptic and am convinced there's nothing in it.

  • peacefulpete

    Unexplained means unexplained. Unexplained cannot mean supernatural as this would be an explanation.

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