Your personality is IN your Blood!

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  • atypical

    I heard this many times. A friend of our family when I was a child was hurt terribly in a car accident and and was forced by the court to receive a blood transfusion (thank goodness). It was a fairly famous case in Phoenix and he was featured in Phoenix magazine because it was a drunk driver's fault, plus he was not supposed to live, then he was not supposed to be able to move, then talk, etc. Today he is a functioning adult which is awesome. But I remember my dad saying that he would have a different personality because he was forced to have a blood transfusion. Of course, he did develop a different personality, but that was because he had so much brain damage that he never recovered any memory from before his accident and had to start over.

  • gumby
    gumby guys have reminded me a bit of some of the transfusion stories I remember.

    They are seriously their own worst enemy true! It's always a joy to be able to use their own erronious teachings when exposing them...and there's plenty to pick from.

    Least you're safe Gum-bastard! You ain't got no personality no how!

    Pope....look at your avatar ya dadgum conehead!

    Rekless, I remember that one in an assembly with the

    Moanzy, too bad we couldn't get some of Ghandi's blood and transfuse the old bastards.


    But I remember my dad saying that he would have a different personality because he was forced to have a blood transfusion.

    I guess all the people on this planet who have been transfused are phoney zombie people eh?


  • Hellrider

    LoL. You know, one really shitty part about all of this crap they are writing, is that young kids actually start believing it. Many times, I said things in school which I had learned from Awake. I made such a fool of myself. Like about the mammoth they had found with gras still in his mouth, I mentioned instant freesing in the flood, ha ha . No wonder witness-kids are considered to be weirdos. Well, I guess, the saddest part is that the people who write this crap, are adults, and still actually believe it.

  • Mary
    And Dr. Américo Valério, Brazilian doctor and surgeon for over forty years, agrees. "Moral insanity, sexual perversions, repression, inferiority complexes, petty crimes-these often follow in the wake of blood transfusion," he says.

    Geeze, I knew I shouldn't have accepted that blood transfusion.......that explains everything!!

  • gumby
    gumby little outlaw, sexually repressed hot thaaaaaang. You needs some comfort

    Funny you should say that. Last night I was wondering if a man had a transfusion BEFORE he became a witness....then got baptized.....then really messed up ( like bred a cow or sumthin), would the judicial body take into consideration the poor bastard only did what he did cuz he got blood from a damn cowpoker?


  • loosie

    So if that were true, then we could clean out all the prisons by giving the criminals blood transfusions from non criminals.

    I think that just solved our overgrown prison population.

    I'll be calling up Bill Gates right away so I can get some blood from him. I want to be rich too.

  • anewme

    Well, I do remember working at a hospital way back in the early 70s. They were having a blood drive and I was curious. I went up to the floor where they were doing the drive and took some brochures and pre-requisite sheets.

    There were forms in those days for those considering donating blood.

    On these forms was a long list of pre-conditions they were screening out.
    They did not want your blood if:

    You had a history of cancer
    blood born diseases, like hepatitus
    it was a long list I cant remember now, but these three stand out in my memory

    My mom lost alot of blood. She hemmorhaged as an end stage alcoholic. She received a complete blood transfusion and survived. But she was not the same. I went to visit her at home and she never spoke a word the whole time I was there. I did some cleaning and laundry for her. She was peaceful and serene, just a zombie. (Normally this woman would shock a sailor with her abusive mouth!)
    She died in her sleep a week later.

    My point in sharing this is there may be something to the blood and its uniqueness and at one time they did screen out and deny alot of people who wanted to donate.
    Maybe now they do not care to screen so keenly and with modern methods can spin and pasteurize the stuff so it is more palatable and safe for consumption by the average person.
    Blood and its components are big money these days.

    Havent taken it yet and hope I never have to.

    But if a loved one needed my blood, I would give it.

  • Honesty
    Perhaps the org could recomend blood transfusions to help "put on the new personality". Some of them could use a good ole transfusion.

    This might be the answer!!!!


    **** runs to get towel to clean up coffee and bagels splattered all over new monitor and wireless keyboard ****

  • TD

    Crap like that was fairly common in the publications in the 50's and 60's.

    The transfusion medicine taboo itself was born from the incorrect idea that blood was actually the "Food" upon which our bodies were internally sustained. This was a widely held misconception in the early 1900's

    (And was one of the basic premises in H.G. Wells novel, "War of the Worlds." The aliens "sustained themselves" by injecting human blood into their veins.)

    There were forms in those days for those considering donating blood.


    I'm a fairly regular donor. There are still forms, a blood test, (Actually two) and a very long litany of intensely personal questions before you can donate. If anything, the screening process is much more intense today after the HIV and Hepatitis fiascoes of the 80's

    For example, you can't donate here in America if you've lived in certain parts of the world recently, or even so much as traveled to others. You can't donate if you've had a transfusion yourself. Blood-borne diseases of any type disqualify you, as does the big 'C'.

  • gumby

    I'm wonderin if I had a dinger transplant if it might boost my limbido just a tad?

    I'm gonna ask around and if it works, I might even see if some well known artist might donate their hand to me when they die and give it to me so's I can make big bucks becoming a damn leonardo di-vinci ( or however you spell his damn name)


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