I roomed with a DRUNK BETHEL ELDER at Bethel - My Bethel Story

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  • What-A-Coincidence

    Yes Folks. I roomed in a double room with a Bethel Elder at Wallkill. I would come home late at night and I would hear him cursing up a storm. I managed to slip by him and sneak and lock myself in my room.

    Overall I would say he was a nice brother, but he scared the be-geezers out of me during his drunken stupors. I was scared for my life a couple of times because he sounded violent. I was ready to bop him on the head with a weight lifting bar.

    This got me thinking. There is no Holy Spirit around here. I need to roll out. I mean these bethel elders get talked a lot about the problems at bethel (so that they can handle them) which #1 is drunkenness and under-aged drinking. oooookkkkkk.

    - More stories later

    WAC - of the almost got my arse kicked by a drunken bethel elder class.

  • Confession

    Drunkenness... Ah yes! That thing condemned by the Bible--and nominally so by the WTS--but something only rarely dealt with. Unless a person gets drunk enough to make a major, public spectacle or becomes violently abusive to his/her mate, it slides by.

    I mean, drinking is about the only fun JWs have, isn't it? So, in the fine tradition of Joseph Rutherford, many JWs hit the sauce with gusto, all the while counseling the congregation about "moderation."

    But what really is moderation? Tough to say, huh? One person might be able to tolerate a single drink; another several. Does slurring their speech make them drunk? Laughing too much? Becoming argumentative? In the presence of so many such questions, most elder bodies look the other way, many of them more than happy to do so in consideration of their own indulgences.

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    History has vindicated Olin Moyle.

  • What-A-Coincidence

    by the way. this "brother" is still serving in bethel

  • luna2

    Bethel so so frickin' depressing! Nothing like having to room with a drunk in addition to the other fun.

  • Warlock

    There was an Italian brother in our cong. whose daughter was getting married and we were invited to the wedding. Man, the wine was flowing and the plates were full. I got drunk for the first time in years. I could have killed someone on the way home (I drove), and I still feel bad about that. Anyway, one of the elders was told, and we had a brief conversation about it, and everything was cool after that.


  • mouthy

    But what really is moderation? Well that means only get moderatly drunk!
    Really though all kidding aside. What have they got.????The only thing they CAN do is drink..Tell me something else they can do????That is allowed in the WT. ..

  • Good Girl or Bad Girl?
    Good Girl or Bad Girl?

    What makes this the most maddening, I think, is how one of my closest friends was "disfellowshipped" for repeated drunkeness. She was out for over two years, even though she went to almost every meeting, studied, cut off association with "worldly" people, etc, etc. And yet you go to a JW wedding or just out to dinner with JW's and everyone is drinking. And some are known for drinking too much on a regular basis. But nothing happens to them.

    Maybe if my friend had been in Bethel it would have been OK for her to drink.

  • What-A-Coincidence

    I would have snitched on him but it was a blessing and a privilege to room with someone with a double room and to have my own room.

    It was just a shame he never shared the booze.

  • Elsewhere

    Sounds like he is self-medicating to help him handle the stress of being a JW... something that is very common in the Watchtower World.

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