number of remnant missing

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  • headmath


    You say that you have the 1920 years books. I would like to know any remant numbers you can get a hold of. I want to verify the 90 thousand figure for the number of remnant in 1926 and also to verify that this was an all time peak in this year. If this is correct then it can be rightfully said that the years from 1926 to 1930 were the greatest falling away in the WTS history in percentage of total members. It truly looks like the WTS wants to cover up this great falling away.

    It seems the WTS did not start even talking about the "fallen aways" until about the early seventies.

  • M.J.

    Yes, I checked my recently obtained CD and the first yearbook was released in 1927, covering the year 1926. Unfortunately, no statistics on numbers of people in the org jump out at me as I scanned it earlier today....but I will have to examine it more closely. Perhaps the number can be deduced to some extent. It will have to wait til monday though, since I left the CD at work

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