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  • headmath

    the years 1931 to 1934 are important years as this is when the number of remnant peaked. I have looked high and low on the net and there is no data for those years.

    Many think that 1935 was when the number of remnant peaked . I don't think so, here is why.

    quote from the babylon the great has fallen book

    "As this Kingdom preaching and Bible instruction continued, more and more of the "sons of the kingdom" were separated and freed from Babylon the Great and from the rest of the Devil’s visible organization. The number of these increased, as was disclosed by reports on the annual celebration of the Lord’s evening meal on Nisan 14, until between 1931 and 1935. Then the annual celebration of the Lord’s evening meal showed a steadily decreasing number of "sons of the kingdom" who partook of the unleavened bread and red wine at the Lord’s supper. This indicated that the harvest of them had practically ceased and that numbers of them were faithfully finishing their earthly Christian career as Jehovah’s witnesses and were "dying in union with the Lord" and entering into the happiness foretold in Revelation 14:13. Thus as more were dying than were being delivered from Great Babylon, this steadily reduced the number of the anointed remnant of Kingdom heirs from year to year. The harvesting of these "sons of the kingdom" has been closing down."

    end quote

    The WTS clearly indicates the peak number of remnant occured in the years from 1931 to 1935 but they don't say the exact year it peaked.

    There is data on the net for the number of remnant in 1935 I think it is around 52,500. So logically the peak number of remnant was probably around 53,500 and the peak year might have been 1933

    what ya think?

  • under_believer

    I appreciate the work you put into that post, but really? I just can't be bothered to analyze a bunch of made-up nonsense. Tolkien is more believable than that stuff.

  • heathen

    I think the WTBTS does not know what it is talking about . What the hell are they talking about as far as dying in union with the lord anyway ? Did they even keep track of how many people died while in service ? Last I heard they were including people that died of natural causes . I say it's a safe bet they didn't even recognize the great crowd because most of them are dead now from 1935 while the great crowd are the only survivors of the great tribulation . That was a pretty tricky time in the 20's during the prohibition , I'm wondering what the numbers were like during that era .

  • headmath

    I agree the WTS stuff is made up nonsense. I'm only trying to make some sense out of their nonsense

  • blondie

    *** w74 9/15 p. 558 Is Christianity Dying? ***

    Because of their zealous proclamation of the truth there were 90,434 persons who attended the annual Memorial of the death of Jesus Christ in 1925.

    *** w67 11/15 p. 694 par. 8 Orders for Worldwide Fishing ***

    The statistics for those postwar years and the spreading of activities answer Yes! For example, under date of September 1, 1925, The Watch Tower, on page 263, said regarding attendance at the worldwide celebration of the Lord’s supper: "We are pleased that the number participating in the Memorial is so great, because it manifests much interest in the truth everywhere, and this is as it should be. The grand total reported to date is 90,434, which is 25,329 more than were reported a year ago."

    *** w61 12/1 p. 721 par. 38 United Against Nations in the Valley of Decision ***

    That year (1925) the number who participated in celebrating the Memorial of Christ’s death as members of the remnant was reported as 90,434.

  • headmath

    That is amazing! 90 blutty thousand. That is in direct contadiction to the passage I quoted above from the baylon the great has fallen book!!

    The babylon book said the peak remnant happened somewhere between 1931 and 1935.!!

    What are the WTS trying to hide here?!?

  • lovelylil


    welcome to the board. As some have already told you, the WT has no idea at all what they are talking about with the remnant nonsense. The number 144,000 is purely symbolic only. It is taken from the book of Revelation which states it is written in signs and symbols.

    No one can close the heavenly door except Jesus. And as of now, he has not done this. He promises whoever knocks on the door, (of heaven), he will open it up to them.

    I know of many who have become spirit-begotten in the WT org. and were told they could not partake of the emblems at the memorial (this includes me). All Christians, bapized into Christ, who believe in him and his ransom, are going to heaven. The bible does not give the actual number but they are referred to as a great crowd or multitude. If you would like the scriptures that back this up, please feel free to pm me anytime.

    Also, good catch with the WT contradicting their own words in their books, this happens all the time!

  • TowerWatch

    According to the WTBTS 52,465 partook in 1935.

  • Kenneson

    I don't know why this conjures up throughts in me of the Left Behind series.

  • penny2

    Under_believer, believe it or not, these things are important to some who are only just discovering that it's "made-up nonsense." In fact this is exactly the kind of discussion that can get people thinking.

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