How Honest is the Official Watchtower PR Department?..Check out this You Tube Video..

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  • NoGoodDeed

    I stumbled across this phone call on YouTube by accident and managed (with great difficulty) to get all the way through it. I was exhausted at the end and felt nothing positive resulted from this exercise in futility.

    I went back to Inform Ant's YouTube channel and realized that this is something she does at regular intervals. Each time she asks a question but doesn't really allow the person at the Watchtower end to respond. I really have to admit that I come away feeling sorry for the poor Bethel volunteer who had to sit through her harangue. I think it is easier to sit through a public talk and a Watchtower study than one of her phone calls.

    Being European puts me at a bit of a disadvantage in understanding how her approach can be applauded. I extend my query to include her other videos as well. She can not form a sentence without including numerous obscenities. She accuses other ex Jehovah's Witnesses and Watchtower critics as being ineffective, money-grubbers, and worse. I do not see other Watchtower critics (with a few exceptions - but they seem to be ill) go to the extremes that she does. Her segments are filled with hate and gutter language that will not convince anyone at the Watchtower that they are on the wrong side of any argument.

    So please - educate me. How can any of you - even those who sincerely hate the Watchtower - throw your support behind such a person? My guess is that she has a history on this site. I she allowed to rant and curse here like she does on YouTube?

    My experience with YouTube has been that anyone going over the limits as this person does is quickly removed and banned from their service - at least in Europe that seems to be the case. Are rules that flexible in the USA that someone can make videos with almost constant obscenities, harassment of phone attendants, and slanderous comments about other JWs and ex JWs?

    Having audited this site for some time I know that some posters can get be unpleasant and "over the top," as Americans often say. I am not sure how anyone can see Inform Ant as a positive force for exposing the Watchtower. She seems to represent and prove all of the nasty things the Governing Body claims that apostates are known to do - but normally do not do.


  • sparrowdown

    Not everyone is going to agree with any one individuals style or manner of activism.

    I can think of much more offensive stuff than this on the internet to get your panties in a bunch over.

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