my name is abigail

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  • wakeupbuttercup

    remember that we need to love each other in order to be free..

    I have massive dreams I don't want to have a child one day who will need to choose between God, friends, work, the world. Who will not play with her cousins who are not jw. Who can only spend one weekend a month with grandma. Where there's inequality and stress everywhere.

    Its time we stop wasting our lives with useless things, material things and poisonous people.. Listen to your voice - if you're sad, angry, stressed, heartbroken, ask why? You're not voicing out your voice and letting people know what you really are. It's time we communicate, bring in the human within us. Let's talk.. Let's all talk..

  • wakeupbuttercup

    Let's share stories... After all when we are no longer in this world - only thing that will be left our our stories.

    if one day your grand grand children Google your name - what sort of story you want to tell them. we are writing the history right now.

    we need to be the new generation.

    I want to share my story to the world - but you all know what I'm talking about. We are good people ... And the world don't understand that. We need a whole new world.

  • wakeupbuttercup
    The world is the world. We are all part of this world - even jw..
  • flipper
    WAKEUPBUTTERCUP- Nice to have you here ! Welcome indeed. I'm glad that you've attained your freedom of mind from the JW organization. The WT Society has done a real number on people for sure. I was a born-in JW who exited finally at age 44 over 11 years ago. It's never too late to bolt for freedom and never too late to pursue our dreams. Good for you. Keep on keeping on sister. We are here as a support to you my friend
  • Bangalore

    Welcome to JWN, Abigail.


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