Tower of Babel—unlikely to be a true account!

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  • abiather

    When His children want to construct “a tower that reaches to the heavens,” Heavenly Father is UNLIKELY to respond, saying: “nothing they plan to do will be impossible for them. Come, let us go down and confuse their language so they will not understand each other.” (Gen 11:6, 7)

    If this account is true, that would mean God is envious of His own creation (lower beings) which is intrinsically impossible. We have in the history many examples of people who have selflessly helped others to progress in life. [One is given below as footnote]

    If some of humans (who were created in God’s image) could appreciate and help others to progress, how much more God would do the same! He would only be too happy to help His children accomplish their goals. This shows the Bible account of Tower of Babel and subsequent confusing of the language may have never happened. [Moreover, effect of confusing of language extends to rest of the humanity who are no way connected with the incident—what a wastage and global difficulty it caused—something God will unlikely do]. Here God is portrayed as one who intervenes in the affairs of mankind for a WRONG and debased cause! Hence such account must be interpolation.

    For God to intervene in the affairs of mankind, there should be sufficient reason! God knows the message humans in general send out through their action. They turn to God only when they are in some need (which means they don’t need God when things go well with them). In other words, God needs to intervene only when humanity as a whole faces its extinction! That means we are now in the last days!

    When we saw the effect of Hiroshima-Nagasaki bombings, we thought this may be the way world would end sometime in the future. Now we know that even without another World War and even without the use of any bombs, global warming (due to our reckless pollution and deforestation) would do that job. Root-cause is unlikely to change—the change that has come in our relationships (with fellow humans, God and nature)—common thread is exploitation!

  • abiather


    *We have in the history example of people who have selflessly helped others to progress in life*. One such spectacular example is of India’s living legendary singer Dr. K J Jesusdas (who was disfellowshed from Catholic Church for singing devotional songs of other religions—an act that led him into Hinduism His message is his life. His father died leaving him only financial liabilities. When he wanted to learn classical music, and sought financial help from his Diocesan Bishop, he was sent back in ridicule. But he came up in life by his own effort, and became almost like an Emperor among singers in India. He was being given all the awards for the best singers, finally he decided not to accept any awards from any organization so that others receive them. Now he even decided to stay away from singing for films so that new comers would have opportunities.

    Now something in particular. When he became very busy, all his studio recordings were done without him, but with his part being sung by a substitute (track singer). Then later, Jesusdas would come and sing, and replace the portion sung by the substitute. In the final mixing, it will look as if it was sung with all the orchestra at the same time! One day when he heard the recording of the song sung by the substitute, he found it was perfect., and requested the Film Director to accept that song sung by the substitute for the film, which gave rise to another famous singer Mr. Unni Menon (

  • Splash

    What are two reasons often given as to why God may have confused the languages?
    1. To stop the building of the tower / city.
    2. To disperse people across the world.

    Why do those two reasons lack logic?
    1. If building tall towers or large cities is wrong, why has God permitted it since? Did man get the upper hand on God after all?

    2. If the languages were not confused at that time, would the entire population of the world today all live in one place, or would people naturally want to (or be forced to) explore, move and find their own land?

  • freemindfade

    "Unlikely" really gives it too much credibility, research history etc and this story is as much bull$hit as the three little pigs. those types of stories aren't unlikely they are completely unbelievable

  • Caedes
    What criteria are you using to say that this part of the bible is not factual?
  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions
    The variety of languages on earth has as much to do with the Tower of Babel as thunderstorms have to do with Zeus getting angry.
  • freemindfade

    Well lets use the bible, lets consider the ludicris stories of a global flood and the tower of Babel were true, how much time is there between the two? about 100 years? I can't remember exactly, but the idea that shortly after the flood the earth had enough population of inbreeds to support and build a city?

    The truth is many cultures all over the world have their own explanations on how language came about. The bible bible version is just another myth to explain something from a small limited point of view.

    The human genome and the movement of people around the world should disprove not only the flood but the babel story without these silly debates over little details. Think about all the other civilizations thriving and growing during this supposed time of mass global genocide, Egypt, China, India... they never got the memo I guess.

  • Simon

    The other significant piece that people leave out of the story is the notion that god was supposedly allowing mankind to rule himself to prove that we couldn't.

    But if god deliberately caused conflict by confusing languages then he was making sure that we couldn't.

    What happens to free-will and a fair judgement if, when mankind is collaborating and "nothing is out of their reach", then god intentionally messes things up?

    Doesn't it really make a mockery of the entire underlying bible narrative that the WTS teach about it being some "huge intergalactic court case" about who has the right to rule and self-determination?

  • galaxie

    I would conclude that god did not confuse the language due to the ludicrous idea that such a concept as god exists. However the concept of such a being existing is the CAUSE of much confusion regardless of what language you speak.

    Linguistics gives a more accurate account.

  • Simon
    Linguistics gives a more accurate account

    Yes, it's yet another case where a fairy-story explanation for something is demonstrably incorrect once we have established science and understanding around a subject.

    We now know how language developed and adapted over time. No need for supernatural explanations.

    It's no different to believing that thunder is "gods fighting".

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