Bible Christianity is Holy baloney

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  • Half banana
    Half banana

    Underpinning all the claims of the JW org is a belief in the sanctity of the Bible as God’s word. This “holy” assumption is certainly never challenged by the Watchtower and neither does the believer dare to use critical thinking to evaluate the source of his or her beliefs.

    The Watchtower org, for obvious reasons would not do this as they would need to sell up and hand back the money were they to admit that the Bible is just a piece of literature and not divine in origin. For the true believer, to discover fault would be most unsettling. To investigate further, could reshape their whole world-view, it could actually change the identity of the person. What an incentive not to go down this avenue?

    For countless generations of Homo sapiens possessing a faith in an invisible spirit world has been their emotional anchor. This idea is promoted in the Bible texts and in turn the Bible is revered as holy to the point that it is the word of God. So to come to realise that the Bible is mainly pagan and that Jesus is just a literary fiction would be to invite insecurity and probably depression as well.

    Yet all things considered, the Bible is simply a collection of texts selected by the imperial Roman religious authorities as the corpus of writings made divinely sacred by the state Church for the purpose of political control. This is the story of Bible Christianity, it is fourth century Roman and not the imaginings of the Bible writers who are credited with the Christ story.

    When Paul wrote “All scripture is inspired of God...” he referred to any writing of an uplifting nature as opposed to legal works, dramas, histories and inventories. He was not referring to the Bible since it did not exist. The received view is of some miraculous descent from heaven of Jesus and Christianity in the first century. This is a myth imagined by Christians and JWs.

    The only reference to Jesus of Nazareth outside of the Bible is the mention in Josephus (called in scholarly circles the Testimonium Flavianum) which has been satisfactorily dismissed as a forgery. It was probably performed by an early church father inserting his wishful thinking into the historian’s hand-written text. Do not confuse the word christ with Jesus-Christianity for christs have existed from the early Bronze Age. In fact “Krst” was a name of the Egyptian saviour figure Osiris and his mother for that matter was “Meri”. These facts alone hint at the enormous field of textual scholarship regarding the entirely pagan and uninspired Biblical source documents from antiquity.

    To imagine that Jesus said all the things he said in the Bible is preposterous in terms of literal historical truth. Hand written documents are most susceptible to alteration when being copied and political and cultic imperatives are easily slipped into the text. But more than that, since the character and deeds and life story of Jesus were already those same character, deeds and life stories of earlier ’God-men’ known from antiquity, it is highly improbable that Jesus ever existed as an individual since his character is a composite, a mosaic built from these older stories. The Bible writers were simply re-telling the same ”holy” tales in their local cultural dialect to promote their own religious power-base.

    In short (since this is a long subject) I have little doubt now that Jesus is a fabrication and that the Bible is not in the slightest bit sacred apart from what human sentiment attributes to it.

    The failing of the religious mind is to become enslaved to what other people have already called "holy".

  • opusdei1972
    I agree that the Bible is collection of books containing many myths, but with some distorted historical facts behind them. I don't believe that Jesus was 100% an invention, though Moses probably was. May be Josephus mentioned Jesus, but as a mere religious leader of a sect, or may be he simply wrote "he was regarded as the Christ" (as a manuscript says). Nevertheless, christian writers tampered Josephus' report. It is dificult to know for sure what realy happened, but in fact, there are many lies in the Gospels.
  • Viviane
  • Half banana
    Half banana

    Opus dei, you saidI don't believe that Jesus was 100% an invention”. Where is your evidence that he existed?

    I said that Jesus was highly unlikely to be an individual because his character, as in a play, as in literature, was already there for millenia before he is supposed to have existed.

    Let me ask you, who is the real James Bond?

  • CharlieSmith1975

    [ religious nuttery removed ]

  • MisterP
    @Charlie, what if the Jews of today, do not originate from those of antiquity, I only mention this because of the ongoing battle of DNA results in the peer review papers at the moment , it's very much a hot topic in genetics right now
  • Phizzy

    Thadda explaina why Jesus was such a Mommies boy ! He was Italian !

    At the Last Supper, did he say, asking for the wine bottle, "Pasta vino" ?

  • Crazyguy
    Problem with Charlies theory is there's so many problems with it. It also worth mentioning that most of the concepts in the NT about a resurrection, living in Paradise, having ones heart weighed, second death for the unworthy, heaven, ones spirit, etc all come from the Book of the Dead and the religious beliefs of the Egyptians. The Bible truly is a book of taking from others. Most of Genesis taken from babylonian writings as just one example.
  • Half banana
    Half banana

    Charlie Smith thank you for replying but your return fire is from a blunderbuss. I would have to make a list too long to answer the matters you raise. In defence of modern archaeologists, at least those I know and have worked with and who are scientists: they do not lie, at least not professionally. It has to be said that the Kenyons, sixty years ago, worked within a different investigative frame at odds with today’s approach. Their digs took the Bible at face value and they attempted to find evidence for its veracity, similar to the way that the WTBTS only raises secular evidence if it appears to support its cause.

    You quote the Bible in a similar way, you make assumptions that we work from these propagandistic stories. (Ten plagues, exodus etc.) This was the very point I was trying to make. As Vivian’s cat knows: it’s poop ‘cos it smells like poop. Archaeology is a science and so it textual criticism and these two disciplines supporting the historian's narrative, now show that the Bible has little factual foundation in the modern post-enlightenment sense of history. Because of the Catholic Church’s ownership of the Bible they had by total political control infused or rather infected all western learning with its teachings as if sacred, above criticism and duty bound to be held true. We have moved on from here.

    You must be aware of the books by Israeli archaeologists Finklestein and Silberman The Bible Unearthed and David and Solomon. The lack of archeological evidence for the Exodus; that the Jews were never in Egypt en masse in the first place, there is no Egyptian record of them being there which there would have existed had it been true.

    Alas! You have removed your nuttery!

    But I do agree with you crazy guy; the impotent goat herders of the Canaan highlands had to borrow their myths from their awesome Egyptian neighbours...and that is the more important story which illuminates and explains the contents of the Bible. It is the pagan myths which are the important details of the Bible texts not the enslaving religious propaganda derived from it.

  • MisterP
    @ HalfBanana, I read a book a few years back by Tim Freke and Peter Gandy called the Jesus Mysteries thesis, which basically describes what you have been talking about

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