April 1... Plans for a April Fool

by xjwms 12 Replies latest social humour

  • skeeter1

    And, here's a sick practical joke I do on guests...you're wife will really freak out.

    During the day when no one is home, put some peanut butter outside. At night, find a reason to go outside, "I forgot to turn off hose, check car, etc." Go outside & get a dab of peanut butter (keep it concealed in your hand. Return inside to watch your favorite show. When no one is watching, smear a big lump of it on the bottom of your shoe. Sit with your foot with the peanut butter on top of the knee. (half indian style). Someone will notice the "brown stuff" on the bottom of your shoe. "Did you step in something?" Act suprised, look at it, then take a scoop of it with your finger and taste it.

    he, he.

  • xjwms

    Peanut butter under the door handle of the car

    would that work???

  • freedomlover

    I have plans......It's me and ITIS's 11th anniversary!!

    didn't know if we'd make it to our 11th when we had our 10th.....but wow, look how far you can come in a year! :)

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